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/ /   G L O C A L O G U E   /

The field of interest of ART-e-FACT's fourth issue is the amalgam of 
the global and the local. We focus on the mutation of the 
globalization process, modes of surpassing local confinements of 
cultural and artistic fields, investigation and articulation of 
glocal/borderline topics and practices which do not necessarily 
generate new narratives, but place those that are already 
existing/local into a global context.

/ /  <http://artefact.mi2.hr/_a04/>http://artefact.mi2.hr/_a04/

Zoran Eric, Guest Editor, issue 04
Antonia Majaca, Editor-in-Chief

You can contact us on the following emails:
<mailto:ericz at sbb.co.yu>ericz at sbb.co.yu, 
<mailto:am at miroslav-kraljevic.hr>am at miroslav-kraljevic.hr

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N E X T   I S S U E  :

/ /  F U N D A M E N T A L   A R T   /  ISSUE 05
/ /  Editor, Antonia Majaca  /

ART-e-FACT magazine is currently in formulation for issue 05, to be 
based on an investigation of relationships between fundamentalism and 

We are seeking an editor interested to work with our team to pull 
together artworks, essays, interviews, and research, as desired, on 
the topic to shape this next issue.

The call for contributions is already open to various modes of 
articulating the topic - art & fundamentalism:

1. theoretical texts and critical reflections
2. short statements by artists, activists, critics
3. artworks - e.g. short video and film inserts, photography, 
internet or web projects
4. a list of suggested links to interesting projects on the internet, 
dedicated to this subject.

Application deadline is September 1st, 2006.

editorial board (alphabetical order): Nada Beros (founding editor), 
Marina Grznic, Silva Kalcic, Trudy Lane, Antonia Majaca
(editor-in-chief), Dalibor Martinis (AIM, for the publisher), Tihomir 
Milovac, Zarko Paic, Zoran Eric, Ivana Mance

Please contact Antonia Majaca at: 
<mailto:am at miroslav-kraljevic.hr>am at miroslav-kraljevic.hr

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