[artinfo] transmediale.06 conference 'Reality Addicts' (3-5 Feb 2006)

Franck ANCEL franck.ancel at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 11 15:02:03 CET 2006

> Sun, 5 Feb 2006, 19h - 20h30
> Jean-Jacques Perrey
> Jean Jacques Perrey was born in France in 1929 and is among the most seminal
> pioneers of electronic music. In the early 1950s, he gave up his medical
> studies in favour of his love for the then new and now legendary Ondoline
> synthesizer - he has devoted himself to electronic music ever since. Together
> with another obsessive synthesizer musician, Gershon Kingsley, he began
> producing 'Music for Laughs and Smiles' in the 1960s in New York, using the
> Ondoline and the Moog and reworking field recordings a la musique concrete -
> music to make you happy. Perrey and Kingsley are known as the founders of Space
> Age Pop and had their first big success with their LP 'The In Sound from Way
> Out'. Perrey not only worked with such celebrities as Raymond Scott, Robert
> Moog, Pierre Schaeffer, Edith Piaf, Walt Disney, Angelo Baladimento, but his
> music also served as material for samples and remixes by musicians of younger
> generations, like in the 1996 Beastie Boys Album 'The In Sounds from Way Out',
> or in the remix of the seventies funk classic 'EVA' by Fatboy Slim.
> On the occasion of transmediale.06, Jean Jacques Perrey comes to Berlin for the
> first time. On February 6th he, together with Dana Countryman, will present his
> new CD at Club Transmediale. One day prior, he goes on stage at Akademie der
> Kuenste where he presents sound samples and images illustrating his exemplary
> career.
> hosted by Timothy Druckrey

Please, don't forget some sounds of Perret with mister Chazam !!!

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