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marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Feb 26 17:01:22 CET 2006

Be a reviewer on Futherfield

Furtherfield is currently looking for more reviewers.

Furtherfield connects to an ever increasing and diverse community of 
people from all walks of life who are hungry to experience and 
explore contemorary media art and related creativities. We regularly 
receive submissions from artists/groups from all over the world 
inviting us to feature their work on Furtherfield. Because we receive 
so many interesting submissions by those who want their work reviewed 
on Furtherfield, we are always interested in having more reviewers.

As a reviewer you will be asked to select from these works and 
contribute to the context of what is being created and write about 
why it is relevant. You will also have the option of seeking out and 
writing about other works that you think should be seen.

We are interested in people who understand and know net art, software 
art, aspects of media art (new media art), social networks connected 
to media art, live net art (real-time), psychogeography, live 
Internet tv, open source, tactical media, art blogs, activist games, 
net activism, relational media art & its variants...

If you possess knowledge and enthusiasm for any of these subjects, 
are able to write;-) and are interested in being part of a group that 
is growing daily as an adventurous community, join us and share the 
rewarding experience of engaging in a contemporary, critical and 
creative digitally vista that is shifting and changing each day.

If you are interested, please contact- marc.garrett at furtherfield.org

The Furtherfield Reader

In response to demand from visitors at HTTP Gallery 
(http://www.http.uk.net/) as well as Furtherfield.org visitors and 
artists, in Summer 06, we will publish selected Furtherfield 
reviews/articles as pdf downloads. These quarterly editions will be 
accessible via the Internet for print in a book format. This is also 
due to the influx of fresh interest in media arts, especially in the 
UK as evidenced by projects such as the upcoming NODE.London Season 
of Media Arts http://www.nodel.org/.

Furtherfield and the HTTP Gallery, has been connecting with various 
Colleges and Universities in the UK and internationally, gaining 
interest in the ideas, content and context(s) provided and 
investigated by both platforms. We are dedicated to bringing about a 
new and wider audience to media arts, bringing about a more engaged 
culture of understanding, critical thinking and independent 

http://www.furtherfield.org/furthercritic (MEZ is our current resident critic)
http://www.furtherfield.org/furtherstudio/ (archived for view)
http://www.furtherfield.org/dissensionconvention/ (archive of event)
http://www.netbehaviour.org (an open email list that explores 
networked behaviour & media arts)

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