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Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2006

Made in Video
International Video Art Festival on Public Secrets and
Visual Representation

Chamber of Public Secrets is pleased to announce its
first international festival for experimental video
art, which will take place from September 7th to
September 10th, 2006 in Copenhagen. Entries will be
accepted from January 10th to March 31st, 2006.

We kindly ask all recipients to forward this e-mail to
interested videographers (video artists, video makers,
semi-documentarists, and citizen journalists), groups
and institutions.

Information about Chamber of Public Secrets can be
found at www.chamber.dk
Entry form can be downloaded at


Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS)
Forhaabningsholms Alle 53, st.tv. 1904 Frederiksberg
C. Denmark.

Web: www.chamber.dk.      Mail: info at chamber.dk.       Tel.: +45

Made in Video is initiated by Chamber of Public
Secrets in cooperation with the several art agencies
in Copenhagen and supported by the Danish Art Council.


Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) is an independent art
apparatus that initiates collective art projects and
attempts to influence and reflect on topical issues
through the use of visual media.

CPS discusses the questions of why and where art is,
the change of art through time, and the continuing
widening of the boundaries of art. It elaborates on
visual art as sender and receiver, and on art as a
means of social communication. It questions the
nature, production, reception and consumption of
artworks and the function of art as mediator in an age
marked by teleportation of wireless signals.

CPS collaborates with artists, documentarists and
theorists on pinpointing ideas and developing
strategies, and helps debating and reconstructing the
role of art, its responsibility, and its relation to


Among it activities, Chamber of Public Secrets
produces a bi-monthly TV-program for tv-tv, an
independent TV station based in Copenhagen.

The orbit of Chamber of Public Secrets' programs on
tv-tv is the rise of independent video journalism,
semi-documentarism and experimental video art. The
genre is a direct result of the standardization of the
mainstream media. Thus, an increasing number of
videographers (video artists, video makers,
semi-documentarists, and citizen journalists) are
taking on social roles as mediators of information
that do not reach the general public. Reacting against
the standardization of the mainstream media and the
subsequent lack of nuances and reflection, CPS focuses
on socio-political / socio-cultural and
society-related topics seen through the lens of

Homepage: www.chamber.dk      E-mail: info at chamber.dk

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