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>FeedBack Open Call
>FeedBack continues with the idea of creating 
>discursive spheres between audience, curators 
>and artists and concentrates the next issue on 
>the idea of participatory projects and 
>particularly on the experiences of those 
>participating in the making and realisation of 
>these projects.
>Feedback 04 aims to create a unique archive of 
>documents, statements, interviews, arguments and 
>conflicts of people participating or commenting 
>on such projects.
>The results will constitute the publication 
>which could be read as an archive per se, a 
>book, a narrative, an artwork, a tool for 
>investigating such projects, a manifesto--a 
>multifaceted source.
>FeedBack team would like to send an open call 
>for submissions, which you are welcome to 
>forward to your own mailing list. We are seeking 
>to gather relevant material such as texts, 
>images, reports, web links, art projects; aiming 
>to group together diverse contributions.
>This call refers to everyone who works or 
>researches on issues of participation in art, 
>relationality, public art, community based 
>projects: artists, curators, theorists and other 
>participants, as well as and especially, people 
>who have participated in the making or acting of 
>such projects.
>  The aim of this issue is to collect the views 
>of different parties who are directly involved 
>or interested in such projects, to give an 
>emphasis to a critical and political approach of 
>such (participatory) practices and highlight a 
>diversity which hopefully will be reflected by 
>the range of positions of the various parties 
>involved in collaborations. Conflicts, clash of 
>interests and exclusivity are equal with 
>inclusiveness and mutual agreement.  
>If you would like to publish your contribution 
>in the next issue, FeedBack 04 please express 
>interest by email and submit by until 31 May 
>7th March 2006
>	Julia Kristeva in conversation with Marian Hobson and Stephen Frosh
>6.30pm, Lumiere Cinema, Institut Francais, 17 
>Queensberry Place, South Kensington, London SW7 
>Admission free
>8th March 2006
>	'Bodies Present': Lynne Segal celebrates International Women's Day
>'Forever Young?  Medusa's Curse and the Discourses of Aging'
>4.00pm, Room B33, Birkbeck College, Malet St, London WC1E 7HX
>Admission free
>16th-18th March 2006	Forensic Futures: Interrogating the Posthuman Subject
>In association with Birkbeck Law School and the Leverhulme Trust
>This three-day conference includes a workshop on 
>'Bodies Future' the last in the Institute's 2006 
>Bodies of Thought series.  Please refer to the 
>website for full programme and registration 
>Registration: £100, reduced student rate £50
>24th-25th May 2006	Libertarian Hawks or 
>Cultural Communitarians?  Neoconservatism and 
>the Legacy of the New York Intellectuals
>During the inter-war period, a number of New 
>York-based, predominantly second-generation 
>Jewish, writers emerged as avatars of an 
>anti-Stalinist socialism.  Many of the New York 
>Intellectuals' energies were subsumed in 1970s 
>'neoconservatism.  Is there any connection to 
>the American unilateralism of today?  This 
>conference features a number of individuals with 
>ties to the NY Intellectuals and their 
>Further details are available from the Institute 
>website: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/bih
>For further details please contact Natalie 
>Warner, Institute Administrator, at:
>The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities
>Malet Street, Bloomsbury
>London WC1E 7HX
>Telephone: 020 7631 6400

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