[artinfo] Vote for the Shoot It, Show It, Share It films!

Kate Elliott kate at just-b.com
Thu Feb 9 14:25:23 CET 2006

Vote for your favourite film at www.screendaily.com/cine_home.asp

The UK Film Councilís New Cinema Fund teamed up with Screen International 
to challenge 3 filmmakers to create digital micro-movies. The films were 
screened at the end of the Cinema Next Conference at BAFTA on the 3rd February

The delegate audience were asked to vote for their favourite film via SMS 
after they watched the three resultant movies on the big screen at BAFTA. 
There was a clear winner.

They now want to explore whether these films translate well across 
different platforms and to different viewing experiences.

We are asking online audiences to vote for their favourite movies. Will the 
same movie win?

You can see the micro movies, vote for your favourite or download them to 
your video iPod at at www.screendaily.com/cine_home.asp

The filmmakers invited to take part in this break neck challenge were:

    * Richard Jobson, director of 16 Years of Alcohol and A Woman in Winter.
    * Carol Morley, former BAFTA nominee and director of the highly 
acclaimed documentary The Alcohol Years
    * Martin Percy, who has produced a number of web-based interactive live 
action films for organizations such as the National Theatre and the London 
Olympic Bid.

Each film maker had a maximum cash budget of £3,000, provided by the UKFC 
New Cinema Fund.

To make the film makersí task more challenging we  imposed even more 

    * They had less than a week to shoot the film
    * They had to shoot some of the footage on mobile phones at the 
    * They were asked  to edit their mini film on site in the midst of 
conference activity!

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