[artinfo] artwaveradio

Veszely Beata veszelyb at t-online.hu
Wed Feb 8 23:15:35 CET 2006

open call for www.artwaveradio.net 

>artwaveradio is an artist-run internet art radio station, 
>broadcasting live from Athens Greece.
>The station is scheduled to be launched in the following 
>months. This project aims to provide a live audio arena for original 
>audio artwork, rare recordings, interviews, talks, sound projects, 
>and of course, DJs and mp3 music streams. artwaveradio will also be 
>at the forthcoming 1st Athens Biennial International Contemporary 
>Art Exhibition in September 2006, streaming on a daily basis via 
>internet, and covering the most important events. For submission of 
>proposals, or further information,
>please e-mail us at artwaveradio at yahoo.gr

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