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Network Art
Practices and Positions
Edited by: Tom Corby

Network Art brings an international group of 
leading theorists and artists  together to 
investigate how the internet, in the form of 
websites, mailing  lists, installations and 
performance, has been used by artists to develop 
artwork. Covering a period from the mid 1990s to 
the present day, this fascinating text includes 
key texts by historians and theorists such as 
Charlie Gere, Josephine Bosma, Tilman Buarmgartel 
and Sarah Cook, alongside descriptions of 
important projects by Thomson and Craighead, Lisa 
Jevbratt and  0100101110101101.org amongst many 

Fully illustrated throughout, and including many 
pictures of artworks never before seen in print, 
Network Art represents one of the first 
substantial attempts to place major artist's 
writings on network art alongside those of 
critics, curators and historians. In doing so it 
takes a unique approach, offering the first 
comprehensive attempt to understand network art 
practice, rooted in descriptions of the systems 
and the process required to create it.


Contributor Notes. Acknowledgements.

	Part 1: Contexts:
Chapter 1. Introduction.
Chapter 2. The History of Network Art.
Chapter 3. Art as Experience: Meet the Active Audience.
Chapter 4. Context Specific Curating on the Web (CSCW?).
Chapter 5. The Ludic Hack: Artistic Explorations of Computer Games.

	Part 2: Practices:
Chapter 6. Grave Digging and Net Art: A Proposal for the Future.
Chapter 7. Inquires in Infomics.
Chapter 8. Softer Side of Art.
Chapter 9. System Poetics and Software Refuseniks.
Chapter10. Digital Bop Poetics.
Chapter 11. The Wrong Categories?
Chapter 12. If Networked Art is the Answer What is the Question?
Chapter 13. Dow Chemical just says 'yes' to Bhopal.
Chapter 14. Life Sharing: a Real-time Digital


Series Information: Innovations in Art and Design

Author Biography:
Tom Corby is Senior Lecturer in Media Art at the 
University of Westminster and is an artist who 
specialises in media technologies. Recent 
exhibitions include Art meets media: Adventures 
in Perception at the NTT Inter-Communication 
Center (ICC), Tokyo and File media art festival, 
Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work has won a number of 
international awards, including  prizes at The 
Post-Cagian Interactive, The Machida City Museum 
of Arts,
Tokyo in 2001, Ars Electronica in 2001, and Cynet Art, Dresden in 1999.

Full Contributors:
0100101110101101.ORG, Mark Amerika, Tilman 
Baumg”¾¥el, Natalie Bookchin, Josephine Bosma, 
Sarah Cook, Tom Corby, Corby & Baily, Charlie 
Gere, Lisa Jevbratt, Lucy Kimbell, Thomson & 
Craighead and Kris Cohen, Maciej Wisniewski, The 
Yes Men.

Pub Date:22 DEC 2005
Type:Hardback Book
Illustrations:83 halftones

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