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____sagas_______________________________call for participation___________

___Developing Interactive Entertainment Workshop
Workshop Leader: Greg Roach
Guest Speaker: Dave Szulborski
___March 03 2006 - March 09 2006, Academy for TV and Film Munich, Germany

___In this intensive workshop the relationship between storytelling, visual
media techniques, game design and interactivity will be explored in depth.
Participants will learn to apply their knowledge of media and narrative to
the new arena of digital technology by developing their own ideas for an
interactive product, which are then processed in a group design and
presentation phase. Participants will develop, in teams, presentations for
an interactive narrative product which is then discussed and evaluated by
the entire plenum.

__The training is aiming in the first place at professionals
(developers, writers, producers, designers, programmers, artists,
researchers...) coming from MEDIA member countries. Applicants coming from
other countries please contact the sagas office for details.

__There is a limited budget available for scholarships (participation fee,
travel and/or hotel funding. In case you need to apply for this please make
sure to contact the sagasnet office before February 20.

__sagasnet is a non-profit vocational training initiative in the frame of
the MEDIA Plus Programme of the EU and is aiming at furthering
innovative story-based content creation for interactive media.

More details and application forms available at <http://www.sagas.de>


BIO__Greg Roach
Greg Roach, M.F.A., is the CEO and Artistic Director of HyperBole Studios,
which he founded in 1990. For nearly fifteen years Roach has been recognized
as a worldwide leader in the field of interactive film, video and
storytelling. His company, HyperBole Studios, explores interactive
multimedia as a new artistic and cinematic form.
In 1990, Roach´s first effort was the creation of an online, interactive
digizine - years ahead of the internet explosion. During the two years he
published HyperBole magazine, he designed, wrote and produced the world's
first interactive, multimedia novel. The Madness of Roland, one of the first
non-reference CD-ROM's, which was published to great acclaim. The New York
Times called the effort "stunningly beautiful." While finishing work on
Roland, Greg also wrote, produced and directed a short interactive film
called The Wrong Side of Town, a work that the American Film Institute
considers to be the "first interactive narrative film."
With these two milestones under his belt, Greg began work on Quantum Gate,
the industry's first full-length interactive movie, and the first product to
use his newly conceived VirtualCinema technology. Quantum Gate solidified
Roach's reputation as both a talented writer/director and a visionary
technologist and designer. His first six years in business culminated when
Fox approached him and asked him to helm the much sought after X-Files game.
After receiving a ten-page story outline from Fox, Greg created the design
(1000+ pages), wrote the shooting script (250 pages), directed a 2-month
location shoot and oversaw the entire editing and post process. Upon its
release The X-Files Game exceeded all expectations, premiering at number one
in nearly every territory where it was released, and going on to sell over a
million copies worldwide.
Currently he is primarily focused on the DVD and wireless platforms. The ROM
applications which he designed for "The Terminator 2: Extreme" DVD won an
IRMA award for best DVD ROM. He is currently working on several DVD and
wireless projects for major publishers. Recently, he presented a paper
entitled "Imagine Places: Distributed Telepresence Installations for
Creating Immersive Historical Reconstructions" at the UNESCO "World Heritage
in the Digital Age" conference held in Alexandria, Egypt

BIO__Dave Szulborski
Dave Szulborski has created, developed, or worked on some of the most
successful and critically acclaimed Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) of all
time, both independent and professional, including Audi's Art of the Heist,
Chasing The Wish, and Urban Hunt. The Art of the Heist campaign, widely
acclaimed as one of the most innovative marketing efforts of the year,
received several prestigious awards, including the coveted "Best in Show"
title at the 2005 MIXX Awards.
A pioneer of this new and rapidly expanding genre of online entertainment
and marketing, Dave created the very first independent alternate reality
game in 2001, while entertainment giants Microsoft and Electronics Arts were
just beginning to experiment with the medium. Dave is also the author of
"This Is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming," the first
published comprehensive look at the history, philosophy, and art of creating
ARGs, as well as a followup book about the genre entitled, "Through the
Rabbit Hole: A Beginner's Guide to Playing Alternate Reality Games."

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__a joint initiative of MEDIA  Programme TRAINING
& GDF Munich Project partner: Academy for TV and 
Film Munich 

Out now: sagas_sagasnet_reader: Developing Interactive Narrative Content.
München: HighText 2005 (ISBN 3-933269-92-X) Online ordering possible via
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