[artinfo] Call for articles on "new nature"

Sebastian Baden sebastianpbaden at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 3 11:47:02 CET 2006

>  Datum: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 04:41:35 -0500
>  Von: Devrim Bayar <db2188 at columbia.edu>
>  Dear art historian friends,
>  The next issue of the free and independant art magazine Code
>  (http://www.codemagazine.be/ + dwnload the first 2
>  issus at -http://homeusers.brutele.be/codedoc/pdf/2005_0.pdf
>  will be dedicated to the "new nature." By the term "new
>  nature," we understand phenomenons such as the virtualization of
>  the reality, the urbanization, cloning,...  We are looking for
>  contributions in the form of short articles presenting a work, an
>  artist, a collective, an exhibition, a cultural theory, etc,
>  related more or less closely to the topic. The deadline to submit an
>  article is February 27. Please let me know asap if you're
>  interested in participating or forward to others who may want to.
>  Best,
>  Devrim
>  Devrim Bayar
>  Columbia University
>  Department of Art History and Archeology
>  email: db2188 at columbia.edu

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