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Wed Dec 27 20:06:51 CET 2006

Call for Work: Oral Action at Studio 27
Studio 27, a San Franciscoexhibition space that showcases experimental film and media, is looking forshort videos, films, and animations for our next screening, scheduled for lateFebruary. This show will focus on all things oral! Are you orally active? Doyou know someone who is?
Possible themes might include: orality/literacy, speaking/singing, thespoken/the written, consumption/expulsion, the mouth as a liminal zone betweenoutside and inside, aural/oral, the relation of the mouth to other parts ofbody, the multiple functions of the mouth (i.e. eating, communication,expressive performance, erogenous zone of pleasure, etc.), fetishes andfantasies, oral antics, work that deals with the oral phase of a child’s psycho-sexualdevelopment, and work in or out of the realm of the mouth that is real orimaginary, including but not limited to simple moments or complex actions.Studio 27 is eager to show art that points to the utopian potential of becomingorally active, and works which expand understanding about communication andconnectivity.
We are requesting work less than 30 minutes in length on playable DVDs (allregion), MiniDVs (NTSC), or data DVDs (as a Quicktime movie file, especiallyfor digital animations).
Submission Deadline (received by): February 1, 2007
Include with your submission a brief written description of the work, and ashort filmmaker bio. Also include a SASE if you would like your materialsreturned to you (only U.S.mail will be returned).
Mail to:
Wago Kreider 
Studio 27 
 588 Sutter Street, #11
San Francisco, CA94102
Please direct questions to: wagokreider at studio27.org

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