[artinfo] call for submissions

margaret flood velvetbicycle at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 11 14:19:00 CET 2006

Help Create the Shapetionary!

What is the Shapetionary?

Its a visual index of objects.

It started from looking at the dictionary and wondering why some 
words are illustrated and others aren't, then thinking it would be 
interesting to illustrate the whole dictionary, or all the object 
nouns...then organize them by shape.

So I extracted all, or most (aprox 9500), of the object nouns, now I 
am setting out to get them illustrated by as many different people as 
possible. I am interested in our subjective/collective understandings 
of objects.  So far over 400 people are participating, I estimate 
that between 1200-1500 drawers are needed. I am an artist living in 
Toronto Canada, and am seeking artist world wode to participate in 
this project.

If you are interested in illustrating some words, email 
velvetbicycle at hotmail.com I will send you a list of 6-8 words, along 
with complete instructions.

All contibutors will be acknowledged.

Thank You

Margaret Flood
velvetbicycle at hotmail.com

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