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   Glocal & Outsiders

   The third edition of the most important eve   art can be found from the 24^th of May

   PRAGUE BIENNAL   the art world in   It will be on view from May 24^th until Septe   seat of this event will be in its signature location where it wa   hosted last year: in the magnificent post-industrial space of Karlin    Hall, this year radically transformed thanks to the futuristic
   modifica   BIENNALE 3 is   cultural positions framed through an internationa

   The  central nucleus will be represente   of the  new artistic  realities of the Czech and   (New  Scene, New Photography, Minimalism and  Conceptual Art in the
   Czech and Slovak Republic from the  Seventies until today, curate   by Jiri David, Vasil Artamonov, Juraj Carny, Vladimir  Birgus, Martin
   Dostal), What Went Wrong curated  by Andrea Bellini presents three of
   the    and history of Prague. Baltic Mythologies provides emerging artists
   from the ends of Eu   

   From Kosovo to Kaliningrad   throughout Central Europe and Ex-USSR as curated by Aaron Moulton   Marco Scotini's exhibition    and social histories. And to finish, Expanded Painting unites all
   possibilitie   Helena Kontova a   collaboration from quali
   These principa   unannounced sectio   next press release PRAG   complete with the names o


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