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Full version of the call for short works on video ZEMOS98 / 2007

Guidelines: http://www.zemos98.org/spip/article.php3?id_article=216
Download PDF: http://www.zemos98.org/spip/IMG/pdf/basesnovenaeng.pdf
Online Form: http://www.zemos98.org/festivales/zemos989/inscripcion.php
Deadline: November 1, 2006

You can submit your works to participate the Ninth ZEMOS98 international
call for short works on video by November 1st. These guidelines continue
the agreement of ZEMOS98 to pay 150 € for every work participating this
section for the purposes of presenting the work and public screening.


ZEMOS98 presents the Ninth ZEMOS98 international call for short works on
video, an eminently non-competitive festival.

1. PARTICIPANTS. The call for works is open to all video makers -
professional or amateur - of any age or nationality. Participants may
submit as many works as they wish, as long as each work:

-  has been made on VIDEO, either analogue or digital.
-  is in Spanish, or any other language as long as it is subtitled in
Spanish or English.

We recommend a maximum duration of 20 minutes. We declare again our
emphatic support for concise and synthetic works, not just in terms of
narrative values but also as a way of ensuring the quality of the
festival screenings.

If your work lasts more than 20 minutes and you want to participate, you
should include a justification to explain why you think your work must
participate. The Selection Committee is understanding.

But remember it is also a matter of space, as prize-winning works will
be included on the next ZEMOS98 DVD.

The theme and genre are open.

2. SUBMISSION. Each work must be submitted on a separate tape or disc
(NTSC or PAL), rewound to the start if applicable, labelled with the
author’s name and the name and duration of the work, and accompanied by
the documentation set out in point 3 of these guidelines.

Regardless of the original videographic format used, works must be
submitted in one of the following formats: VHS, S-VHS, MINI.DV-SP, DVD,
SVIDEO-CD, VIDEO-CD. The recommended format is MINI.DV_SP.

Works selected to be included in the Official Selection must send a copy
in MINI.DV - SP format within 10 days after ZEMOS98 publish the works
participating the Official Selection.

3. REGISTRATION AND DOCUMENTATION: Authors must register through an
online form, available at 

Submissions must be accompanied by at least two images (in JPG format,
and no larger than 100kb). These will be used for the interactive cd-rom
containing information about all the works that will be made after the
festival, and the annual printed zemos98 catalogue. If you don’t send
your images through the registration form, you can e-mail them to us at
envios at zemos98.org. Authors of the works selected for the Official
Section will be asked to supply two high-quality images (at least 720 x
576 pixels).

You may also include any additional information such as production
details, promotional material, etc.

Any errors or missing information on registration forms will be posted
on the zemos98 web site, together with the deadline for submitting this
information. If any missing and/or incorrect information has not been
corrected by the 5th of November, the corresponding work will not be
viewed by the Selection Committee.

4. SUBMISSION: Works can be submitted by post or courier, or delivered
in person, by November 1, 2006. Only works postmarked before November 1
will be accepted.

The address for submissions is:
Universidad Internacional de Andalucía
Monasterio de Santa María de las Cuevas,
c/ Américo Vespucio, 2 Isla de la Cartuja
41092 Sevilla España

5. SELECTION: All works that meet these guidelines will be made
available for viewing on the ZEMOS98 video-on-demand computers, which
will provide public access to the festival video library, and may also
be screened during the Festival. Festival organisers will select the
best videos for the Official Selection and the Paralel Screenings, which
will be screened on the final two days of the Festival (Official
Selection) and along the week (Paralel Screenings).

ZEMOS98 [ninth edition] agrees to pay 150 € for every work participating
the Official Selection for the purposes of presenting the work and
public screening.

ZEMOS98 will select several works participating this call to be included
in a special Internet TV programme through Forward TV, available at

All information relating to the short videos, as well as the date, time
and place they will be screened, will be posted on www.zemos98.org

6. PRIZES: Although ZEMOS98 is still an eminently non-competitive
festival, it recognises the values of specific works in various ways:

-  DVD.ZEMOS98 [novena edición]: ZEMOS98 will edit the ZEMOS98 [novena
edición] DVD, which will contain the best videos from the Official
Section. There are also audience awards, judged by the votes of the
public attending the Official Section.

-  ITINERANCY. This DVD will be toured around the world, which implies
international diffusion for the artists and their works. Authors will
sign a non-exclusive cession of screening rights. If the festival sells
or rents any screening, ZEMOS98 agrees to share the profit in equal
parts between the authors.

-  6TH MEETING OF AUDIOVISUAL CREATORS. Festival organisers will invite
and provide accommodation for all authors (and one companion) selected
for the Official Selection. This meeting will take place over three
days. The idea is to discuss aspects relating to audiovisual culture,
and give authors the opportunity to comment on the selection and on
ZEMOS98 in general. Industry professionals and other creators will also
be invited to screen their work and contribute their thoughts.

-  PRIZE FOR THE BEST LATIN AMERICAN WORK. We have created a special
category to acknowledge the best work submitted out of all the works
received from Latin American authors. The prize includes a grant for
accommodation and enrolment fees in the Master of Audiovisual
Communication held every two years at the Universidad Internacional de
Andalucia facilities in Rábida, in the region of Huelva. This prize will
be available when the master is announced by the Universidad
Internacional de Andalucia.

7. SCREENINGS. Public screenings of the official selection will take
place in the Espacio zemos98_ninth edition venue, in March 2007. The
festival program will be made public well in advance, and posted on

8. RETURN OF MATERIALS. All works submitted will be included in the
videoteca.zemos98 video library, and may be screened for cultural and/or
educational (in no case commercial) purposes in the various screenings
that are organised throughout the year, which will be posted on
www.zemos98.org. ZEMOS98 will not hand over, sell, rent any copies to
other interested institutions without the consent of the producer of the
work required.

9. CONTACT. You can find updated information about the festival and
related activities on www.zemos98.org. For any questions or suggestions,
please contact us at info at zemos98.org.

10. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. The organisation will not be liable for any
accidents that may affect submitted works. The organisation reserves
screening rights to works that may be harmful to human rights.
Participation in the festival implies acceptance of these guidelines.
Any unforeseen circumstances or changes to these guidelines will be
resolved by the organisation and reported on www.zemos98.org and the
zemos98 mailing list.


Guidelines: http://www.zemos98.org/spip/article.php3?id_article=216
Download PDF: http://www.zemos98.org/spip/IMG/pdf/basesnovenaeng.pdf
Online Form: http://www.zemos98.org/festivales/zemos989/inscripcion.php
Deadline: November 1, 2006

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