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Mon Aug 14 23:05:59 CEST 2006

Urban Contact Zone

sharing areas - using places

A program by >projektgruppe< Hamburg


Exhibition: 17 - 27 August, Westwerk, Admiralitätstr. 74, Hamburg/Germany.

Opening reception: Thursday, 17 August, 8 pm.

Presentations, specials, talks: 18 - 27 August, Thursday - Sunday from 8 pm, Room for Northeast Reading, Admiralitätstr. 74, Hamburg/Germany.

In the exhibition and presentation series, sociocultural meanings of urban areas, architecture and organizations are the vantage points for art works. The actual part of the program focuses on works that refer to concrete or potential places of art in different cities - to real or possible sites, buildings, or institutions of the art world. They are understood as Contact Zones (Mary Louise Pratt), as urban fields of cultural activity within the processes of social conflict.

Participating artists and art workers: Judit Angel (Budapest), APA/Abteilung für Produktentwicklung und Analytik (Hamburg), büro archipel (Hamburg), Michel Chevalier (Hamburg) and YNKB (Copenhagen), Detour Brigade/Sándor Bartha (Budapest), Miklós Erhardt (Budapest), Lone Haugaard Madsen (Copenhagen/Vienna), Bertolt Hering (Hamburg), Attila Menesi/Christoph Rauch (Budapest/Hamburg) with Mihály Vargha (Sf. Gheorghe/Sepsiszentgyörgy), Sebastian Moldovan with Anca Mihulet (Bia Mare/Nagybánya), Florin Tudor/Mona Vatamanu (Bucharest), Dmitry Vilensky (St. Petersburg).

For program details, please visit www.projektgruppe.org

Urban Contact Zone takes place in the frame of Ungarischer Akzent - Ungarisches Kulturjahr in Deutschland and is supported by Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.

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