[artinfo] AHA + SEXYSHOCK video premiere @ Ladyfest Berlin

Tatiana Bazzichelli t.bazzichelli at mclink.it
Fri Aug 11 16:31:40 CEST 2006

Ladyfest 2006
POOPSY CLUB presents: AHA + SEXYSHOCK video premiere
Video presentation curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli/AHA and Betty of Sexyshock
Club Rosis, Friedrichshain, 10th August 2006, 20.00h, Berlin

Poopsy Club Goes Ladyfest!
Thursday, August 10th at 8pm - Rosis, Revaler Strasse 29, U+S Warschauer

Strasse, S Ostkreuz
Poopsy Club invites you to their Ladyfest Party on August 10th at Rosis.

Poopsy Club, the new Queer party in Berlin, consisting of the DJ team:
Noisy Pig, Double Agent and A.Ona, presents:


Sexyshock is a communication laboratory that works on political
language. To do so Sexyshock have use, also the hacking way,
destructuring words and languages, mixing and matching situations and
concept and practices; for reinventing the political language and for
being more incisive on a vast level of communication. Sexyshock was the
first sexyshop managed by women in Italy (in an independent social
center in Bologna), but it is also a hyper-place scattered with links, a
circuit with which to inract that brings to other circuits. A place
where sexuality is central cause, it is the zero degree of connection's
desire. In the gender, beyond the gender. The Sexyshock' women use a
collective name: "Betty". Expressing the desire to shut down with the
need of auto - agency.

AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism, is a networking project based on
hacktivism and experimental media art. Created by Tatiana Bazzichelli in
2001, AHA's activity is focused on the organization of events and
collective exhibitions, between Italy and Germany. AHA also curates an
artistic activism mailing list (aha at ecn.org) and works to spread and
study the Italian and international hacktivism.


VIDEOS BY SEXYSHOCK, presented by Betty (Italy)

Donne e Tech 02:42 by SexyShock 2005
Women and technology. Women to be ahead of time and not to have any more
problems with cellulite, the use and access to technology is fundamental
and this we know. But for those that are forced to pass their entire day
in front of a stove or a mountain of shirts to iron, what can they
invent? Here is the answer, Bettytech has arrived!!!!
Sexual Bricolage workshop on self-produced sex toys
Multiply self-production of pleasure, like the making of Chinese balls
of your dreams. A workshop on the self construction of Chinese balls in
collaboration with "Bricolage Sexual" a project of women in Barcelona.
An afternoon where, starting with recycled materials and natural rubber,
you are shown manual skill, creativity, desire and hacking attitude in
modifying objects of pleasure.

Ballare (rap of Carbonifera)
A videoclip in occasion of contr(A)zione, two days of mobilization
against the then legislation 1514, now the legislation 40 on artificial
insemination. Saturday 7th and 8th of February in Bologna 2004.
insemination. "BALLARE" Dance or rap of Carbonifera is a reggae
dedicated to women, created by Le Tremende, a bolognaise group and Manu.

Images and music like effective instruments, inclusive and fun, to
produce a campaign against the absurd legislation that was passes
regarding artificial insemination. (PMA)

ContrAzione Bologna 2004
Saturday 7th of February, over 5,000 people rallied in Bologna against
the legislation 1514. Between the approval of the Gaspari law and the
Christmas menu, the legislation was definitively approved, now called
legislation 40 on artificial insemination. There are many actions
against this legislation in various cities to contest the law the
regulates the access and application of artificial insemination. The
legislation 1514 strongly places the discussion and fundamental rights
gained and won by women, discrimi

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