[artinfo] A Selectionary for Mobile and Moving Women, Feminists and Others

Ruby Sircar rubysircar at gmx.de
Fri Aug 4 12:01:52 CEST 2006

We would like to invite you to participate in 
formulating the FO/GO Lab Selectionary. It is a 
dictinoray-like selection of phrases which we 
would like to (re-)formulate for a feminist 

Please chose one or more phrases and write 
(scientifically, essay-like, fictively, 
lyrically) something on the phrase. You are also 
allowed to add more phrases defined by you, if 
the mobility phrase of your choice is not yet 
included. Texts should be written in English or 
German. Please return your essays, texts, prose, 
lyrics till 01.September 2006 (20-300 words). The 
texts will be accompanied by the authors name 
(e.g.: Flower: a flower is a plant which blooms. 
Flowers come in different sizes, smells, colours 
and forms. [Lilly Rose (Vienna/A), 

The selectionary will be published as part of the 
Research Fellowship Project of FO/GO Lab at the 
Jan van Eyck Maastricht. Every participant will 
receive a copy.

FO/GO Lab is a Vienna-based group of feminist 
theorist: Angelika Bartl, Irene Lucas, Elisabeth 
Penker and Ruby Sircar.

For further information contact: fo_go_lab at gmx.at

PHRASEOLOGY - A Selectionary for Mobile and Moving Women, Feminists and Others

Academicization of Knowledge, Activism, Affinity, 
Agency, Alien, Alienation, Alienation Effect, 
Ambivalence, Anglo-American Feminist Criticism, 
Anti-Essentialism, Anti-Foundationalism, 
Art-Culture, Artificial Language, Audio, 
Augmented Reality

Base, Bilingualism, Binary Oppositions, 
Biological Determinism, Bisexuality, Black, Black 
Atlantic, Blackness, Border, Body, Boundary, 
Confusion of Boundaries

Carnival, Centre, Class, Code, Code-Mixing, 
Cohesion, Collective, Collocation, Colonial 
Discourse, Colony, Colour, Commonwealth, 
Communication, Community, Condensation, 
Consciousness, Constructed Subject, Contrapuntal, 
Conversation Theory, Cool, Creole, Creolisation, 
Criticism, Critique, Critique of Nation, 
Cross-Identity, Cross-Sexuality, Culture, 
Cultural Difference, Cultural Materialism, 
Cultural Nationalism, Cultural Studies, Cyber, 
Cybernetcis, Cyberspace, Cyborg

Decentering, Decentered Universe, Decode, 
Decolonisation, Deconstruction, 
Defamiliarisation, Defence Mechanism, Democracy, 
Deterritorialization, Dialect, Dialectic, 
Diaspora, Différance, Difference, Discursive, 
Discussion, Dissolved Subject, Dissociation of 
Sensibility, Displacement, Domination, Dominion, 
Double Colonisation, Dream Work

Eastern, Economic Determinism, Ecriture Feminine, 
Educational Market, Ego, Elitism, Emigration, 
Empire, Epistemological Break, Essentialism, 
Ethnicity, Ethnocentrism, Eurocentrism, Everyday, 
Evolutionary Model, Expatriot

Female Language, Feminisation of Work, Feminism, 
Feminist Criticism, Film Theory, Firenghee, First 
Nations, First World, Floating Signifier, Flow, 
Fluid, Fluxus, Frontier

Gay, Gay and Lesbian Criticism, Gender, Gender 
Issues, Generation, Generational Differences, 
Genetic Algorhythms, Global, Globalisation, 
Glocal, Government, Grammar, Grammatology, Grand 
Narratives, Grass Root

Hegemony, Hermeneutic Gap, Hermeneutics, 
Heterosexism, Hierarchy, Homophobia, Home, 
Homeland, Homosexuality, Hub, Humanism, Hybrid, 
Hybridity, Hyperreality, Hypertext

Id, Identity Politics, Identity Space, Idealist, 
Ideology, Ideological Apparatus, Ideoscapes, 
Image, Imaginary, Immigration, Imperialism, 
Impersonality, In-Between, Institution, 
Individual, Individuality of Body, Intelligent 
Architecture, Interface, Internal Colonialism, 
International, International Frame, 
Interpellation, Intimacy, Island (-Binding)


Labour, Lads Culture, Language, Language Games, 
Language Struggle, Leisure Styles, Lesbian, 
Lesbian Continuum, Liberalism, Liberal Humanism, 
Libertarian Lesbianism, Liberty, Linguistic, 
Liquid, Local, Location

Mainstream, Majority, Manichean, Masculinity, 
Mass Culture, Materialist, Matriarchy, Media, 
Metadiscourse, Metanarrative, Middle Class, 
Migrancy, Migration, Mimicry, Mind/Body Dualism, 
Minority, Mobility, Multiculturalism, 
Multi-Ethnicity, Multinationalism

Narrative, Narrative Code, Narrative Structure, 
Nation, National Consciousness, Nationalism, 
Nation Language, National-Popular Culture, 
Native, Negritude, Neo-Liberalism, 
Neo-Colonialism, New Ethnicities, New Critics, 
New Stylistics, Northern

Object, Objective Correlative, Orient, Orientalism, Other, Overdetermination

Parole, Patriarchy, Performative, Phallocracy, 
Philology, Philosophy, Pictorial, Picture, 
Pidgin, Pidginisation, Platform, Poetics, 
Polisophy, Popular, Pornography, Portrait, 
Positive Terrorism, Post-Colonialism, 
Post-Feminism, Post-Structuralism, Power, 
Privacy, Projection, Pronominalisation, 
Prostitution, Psycho-Analysis

Queer Theory

Race, Radical Lesbianism, Radical Feminism, 
Reality, Reification, Relative Autonomy, 
Relativism, Religion, Representation, 
Representation of Blacks, Repressive Structures, 
Resistance, Rhizome, Role, Rule, Ruralism

Screen, Screen Memory, Self-amputation, 
Semantics, Semantic Transition, Semiology, 
Semiotics, Sex, Sexuality, Sex Worker, Sign, 
Signified, Signifier, Simulacrum, Slavery, Slave 
Trade, Sonic, Speech Acts, Social Castration, 
Social Class, Socialism, Socialist-Feminist 
Criticism, Southern, Space, Space of 
Disappearance, Strategic Essentialism, Style, 
Stylistics, Subaltern, Subculture, Subject, 
Suburbanism, Superculture, Super-Ego, 
Superstructure, Supplement, Supremism, Symbol, 
Symbolic, Syntax

Tele-Dynamic Aircraft, Text, Text Grammar, The 
East, The North, The South, The West, Third 
World, Tourism, Tradition, Transcendental 
Signifier, Transdisciplinary, Transeuropean, 
Transgender, Transnational, Transsexual, Travel, 

Underground Press, Unemployment, Universal Grammar, Urbanism

Veil, Virtual Space, Virus, Visual, Vulgar

Western, White, Whiteness, Woman, Women of 
Colour, Women's Movement, World Literature, World 
Music, Working Class

Xenon, Xenophobia

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