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> http://01sj.org
>  The Intelligent Agent magazine special issue (Vol. 6 No. 2) featuring 
> the papers to be presented at ISEA2006 is available now! Done in 
> cooperation with ZeroOne San Jose & ISEA2006, the papers look at the 
> four thematic threads of the symposium: Interactive City, 
> Transvergence, Community Domain and Pacific Rim.
> In addition, a print-on-demand issue of the journal, serving as a 
> hardcopy record of the symposium papers, is now available for order at 
> the Intelligent Agent website. This issue will be the first print 
> version of Intelligent Agent magazine since 1998.
> A limited amount of print issues will be available for purchase at 
> ISEA2006.
> Intelligent Agent (IA) is a service organization and information 
> provider dedicated to interpreting and promoting art that uses digital 
> technologies for production and presentation. Intelligent Agent's 
> programs are dedicated to increasing the visibility of this work 
> within an art context by documenting and interpreting it and making it 
> accessible to the art world at large. IA provides a platform of 
> critical discourse for discussing issues relevant to digital media, 
> their social and cultural impact, and the parameter shifts they have 
> brought about for the arts.
> The 13th International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA2006) will 
> be held in San Jose California August 7-13th, 2006 in conjunction with 
> the premiere of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the 
> Edge, an innovative biennial festival for San Jose and the Greater Bay 
> Area. Up to 2000 attendees are expected to participate in the ISEA2006 
> and 70,000 members of the general public to attend a public lecture, 
> exhibition, performance, concert or otherwise participate in the 
> festival.
> ISEA2006 emphasizes conversation and discourse. There will be NO 
> reading of papers! There will be ample opportunity for interaction 
> with keynotes and paper authors during the extended sessions. 
> Presentations of projects by artists will run continuously. A re:mote 
> symposium will take place concurrently featuring presentations of 
> those who physically cannot attend. All of the Symposium events are 
> integrated into the ZeroOne Festival via streaming. Most importantly, 
> the Symposium proceedings and environment are structured to encourage 
> audience interaction. Over 70 papers, artists presentations and 
> posters are will be showcased.

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