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Lecture about New tendences in the Italian Video art
with projection 
of videos.
By Prof. Dr. Luca Farulli, Italy.
Friday, April 28th at 10 a.
Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design –
1121 Budapest, Zugligeti 
ut 9-25.

Prof. Dr. Luca Farulli teaches aesthetics at the Academy of 
Fine Arts in L’Aquila, Italy, and Aesthetics of the Electronic Art at 
the University of Florence.  He has been Visiting Professor at the 
Univesity of Stuttgart, Germany. His interests are dedicated to the 
Theory of the colour and to the aesthetics of the digital art.

•	* *

The lecture will give a view of the Italian artistic panorama, 
concerning the video-art, since the eighties to nowadays. Chiefly, two 
groups will be considered as the most representative of the Italian 
poetic: Studio Azzurro e Bianco-Valente.  The two groups research, in 
different ways, to allow a conscious enjoyment  of the electronic 
languages and of the computerized technologies, linked to the new 
visual culture. Trough  the projection of various videos, it will be 
shown the  visual languages  of the two groups which are able - with 
different methods - to overcome the currant narrative paradigms. We 
will consider also the capacity of these video artists to create an 
interactive environment which links the public to the artists, the 
public to the artwork, the public to itself. 
During the section will 
be shown the following videos: Studio Azzurro: Luci di inganni, Il 
nuotatore (1982); Il giardino delle cose (1992); Tavoli (1995); Totale 
della battaglia (1996); Il soffio sull’angelo (1997); Mediterraneo 
(2002). Bianco-Valente: Mind Landscape (1996) a Deep in my mind (1997); 
Uneuclidean pattern and I should learn from you (2003); Cloud system 
(2004);  Self organizing structures (2005).

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