[artinfo] Stelarc in Conversation

by way of Janos Sugar ctheory at lists.uvic.ca
Thu Apr 27 03:59:52 CEST 2006

CTheory Live:

Stelarc in Conversation with Arthur & Marilouise Kroker

We are very pleased to invite you to the first installation of
  CTheory Live, a continuing series of conversations with leading
  artists and theorists from around the world.  We begin with an
  interview with Stelarc, an Australian-based performance artist, whose
  artistic imagination is on the cutting-edge of new ways of
  understanding issues related to body, technology and the question of
  the interface.  The interview was conducted between Australia and
  CTheory's office at the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture at
  the University of Victoria, Canada.

  The conversation with Stelarc can be found at:


  The next CTheory Live interview will be with Professor N. Katherine
  Hayles, Professor of Literature and Media, UCLA.  The interview will
  focus on her three most recent books: _How We Became Posthuman_,
  _Writing Machines_, and _My Mother Was a Computer_.


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