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peter quinn at proj7.com
Thu Apr 13 15:39:12 CEST 2006

New Call for Submissions
NOTEBOOK: postmark deadline april 30th. 2006 or contact us to email 

Our 2nd project is called "Notebook." This project is focusing on the 
quick thought put down immediately onto paper or video. This 
publication is meant to build a collaboration of thinking processes. We 
are interested in your ideas that have come about fairly quickly but 
you think has staying power and complexity. We think that sometimes the 
simpler thoughts are the most direct and inspired.

We are looking for 300 dpi high res greyscale scans of your quick 
drawings from your notebooks ,pads, napkins or digital creations etc 
(template on web site). Video can be live action or animation and must 
be in greyscale as well. Get off your high production horse and send us 
some black and white sketches on paper and video.

see more detailed specs at

Creative Capitalism is committed to the creation, production, and 
dissemination of art and music. We believe that new ideas can not be 
determined by following stylistic trends or fulfilling a demographics' 
need. We are a new capitalism. We are interested in egalitarian 
enterprises, social networking, invention, and collaboration. We have 
just started. What is your function? Long Live Creative Capitalism - 
Art + Music Action Product.

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We are also looking for more distribution for our projects. If you know 
of anyone that would like to carry our projects, please contact us.  

Peter Quinn
Creative Capitalism          http://www.creativecapitalism.net

Projector7,LLC                  http://www.proj7.com
LOW MOdA                        http://www.lowmoda.com

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