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Mon Apr 10 01:38:34 CEST 2006

Dear high risk art consumer,

Today, April 10, etoy performs a critical mission check. experts will x-ray MISSION ETERNITY - the electronic framework which enables users to travel space and time forever. Four days later TESTPILOT No.1, Sepp Keiser (age 82) will be ready for ENCAPSULATION TEST No.4 (Karfreitag, April 14 2006). Three previous tests failed due to logistic, financial or technical problems. The mission is in danger.

MISSION CHECK No.1: Monday April 10, 2006 / START: 18:30:00
ENCAPSULATION No.4: Saturday April 14, 2006 / START: 16:00:00
LOCATION: Kunstraum Walcheturm -> Kanonengase 20, 8004 Zurich.

Mission check and encapsulation are public events and can be followed
for an investement of 2 CHF (9 etoy.FIZZLES = 0,18 etoy.SHARE).
etoy.CORPORATION rejects passive culture tourists who do not share the
risk and passion for radical contemporary art (as usual: etoy wants your
knowledge, soul and capital). In return for your investment, MISSION ETERNITY CONTENT enters the public domain* and all code is 100% open source - a fair deal and a reasonable alternative to the established art market.

The crew is getting ready for a critical mission check. Local art and technology experts as well as the public will look for weak points in the MISSION ETERNITY PLAN.

10.4.2006 / mission check schedule:
18.30 - 19.30: MORTAL REMAINS TANK inspection / DISPLAY outlook
19.30 - 21.30: Worksession: CODE / TEXT / VISUALS
21.30 - >>>>>+ social engineering

PREVIEW 14.-16.4.2006:
Good Friday, April 14: 16.00-19.00: Encapsulation TESTPILOT Sepp Keiser
Saturday, April 15: 10.00-18.00: Work session / visuals & database
Easter Sunday, April 16: 18.00: Peek behind the scenes: 
etoy.FINANCE opens the books.



etoy at MUSEE COCO (Les Complices) at "enter"/Kunstmuseum Thun, 
April 15 - May 14 - Vernissage: April 13 2006, 19.00.


etoy.CORPORATION at Centre Pasquart in Biel: Visit and browse the
etoy.HISTORY / First appearance of the etoy.HOLOGRAM in the catalogue
and via newly issued etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES

BRANDING: Das Kunstwerk zwischen Authentizität und Aura, Kritik und
KalkĂźl (including artists Jenny Holzer, Sylvie Fleury, Urs LĂźthi a.m.o.)

Special event: May 18, 18:15 Nocturne, meet the artists. Presentation by
two members of the etoy.MANAGMENT.


For further questions, please contact:


* etoy.LAWYERS work on a special creative commons license for mortal
remains and the arcanum capsule. 

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