[artinfo] passed away Alexey Isaev, Director of Moscow MediaArtLab

Tania Goryucheva tangor2 at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 5 13:33:51 CEST 2006

Dear friends and colleagues,

I regretfully have to inform you that Alexey Isaev, media artist, 
founder and director of Moscow MediaArtLab, passed away.
His sudden death shocked and left in deep grief his loved ones, close 
friends and colleagues.
Alexey Isaev played a remarkable role in the development of Russian 
media art scene. His personal contribution to the promotion of ideas 
and values of free progressive culture as an artist, curator, 
organiser, writer was of significant value to the local cultural 
In memory of Alexey Isaev Moscow MediaArtLab plans to organise a 
screening of his artworks.

Tania Goryucheva, former coordinator of MediaArtLab


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