[artinfo] Research into Practice conference 2006

Geert Lovink [c] geert at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 27 00:47:57 CEST 2005

>From: Michael Biggs [mailto:m.a.biggs at herts.ac.uk]
>SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS (deadline 6 February 2006)
>The fourth international biennial conference on the foundations of
>practice-based research in art and design will be convened at the University
>of Hertfordshire, UK, on 7 & 8 July 2006.
>The theme of RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE 2006 is the role of the context in the
>interpretation of artefacts and visual semantics in art and design research.
>In recent years there has been much international debate about the role of
>the artefact in art and design research. The debate has considered, for
>example, what contribution the artefact makes to the research process and to
>the communication of the outcomes. However, artefacts are not interpreted in
>isolation. The question of what contribution the artefact makes has to be
>considered in the light of how the artefact is interpreted. This
>interpretation takes place in a context; for example in the studio, in a
>gallery, in the market place, online, in the context of "research" or in the
>context of "design", etc. Research into Practice 2006 focuses on these
>contexts and explores the instrumentality of the context on the reception of
>artefacts as constituting or contributing to research.
>Topics that might be considered include, but are not restricted to:
>*     Is the researcher responsible for establishing a context for the
>"correct" interpretation of the artefact, i.e. is that also part of doing
>*     Can the research content be activated/deactivated by changing the
>context of reception?
>*     Are certain types of context more research-friendly than others?
>*     Is it the context that makes research into research, [cf. the
>Institutional Theory of Art]
>*     What is signified by research being undertaken in the context of a
>university or by being done by those labelled as researchers, or being
>funded by a Research Council?
>*     Does research demand new types of context, and what would they need to
>be like?
>*     What is the impact of traditional academic attempts at the
>recontextualization of research from other disciplines outside art and
>*     Is decontextualization or disinterest, either possible or desirable?

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