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>Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society
>Deadline: Friday, 14 October 2005
>CALL FOR PAPERS The Institute of Network Cultures and First Monday are happy
>to announce our first collaborative project: a special URBAN SCREENS issue
>of First Monday, scheduled for publication in early 2006. Papers from, or
>thematically related to, the conference are to be published in a special
>First Monday issue. Mirjam Struppek, Berlin, Geert Lovink, Sabine Niederer
>and Pieter Boeder of the Institute of Network Cultures will work with Edward
>Valauskas, Chief Editor of First Monday, as special editors for this issue.
>TEXT SUBMISSION As a contributor to/participant of Urban Screens, you are
>invited to submit your text - or a draft/synopsis thereof - for review to
>Pieter Boeder of the INC, pieterboeder at yahoo.com, who will be happy to give
>you advice and editorial assistance if needed. Deadline for submission is
>Friday, 14 October 2005. After that, contributors will still have 60 days to
>put their papers in order. There are guidelines for authors on the First
>Monday Web site at http://www.firstmonday.org/guidelines.html.
>URBAN SCREENS 2005 is an international conference ranging from critical
>theory to project experiences by researchers and practitioners in the field
>of art, architecture, urban studies and digital media. The focus is on
>understanding how the growing infrastructure of large digital displays
>influences the visual sphere of our public spaces. How can the commercial
>use of these screens be broadened and culturally curated? How can urban
>screens contribute to a lively urban society, and involve the audience
>interactively? Urban Screens 2005, 23 / 24 September 2005, TPG Building /
>Stedelijk Museum CS, 11th floor, Amsterdam.
>FIRST MONDAY is one of the first openly accessible, peer-reviewed journals
>on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet. Since its start in May
>1996, First Monday has published 631 papers in 111 issues; these papers were
>written by 748 different authors. First Monday is indexed in Communication
>Abstracts, Computer & Communications Security Abstracts, INSPEC, ISI's Web
>of Knowledge, LISA, PAIS, eGranary Digital Library, and other services. In
>the year 2004, users from 835,768 distinct hosts around the world downloaded
>6,728,893 contributions published in First Monday. In August 2005, users
>from 89,498 distinct hosts around the world downloaded 485,746 contributions.
>Contact: Pieter Boeder
>Institute of Network Cultures
>HvA Interactive Media
>Weesperzijde 190, NL-1097 DZ Amsterdam
>t: +31 640 15 09 00
>f: +31 (0)20 5951840
>pieterboeder at yahoo.com

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