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9000 Ghent


S.M.A.K. is recruiting a Guest Curator

S.M.A.K. is the largest museum of contemporary 
art in Belgium. It is well-known for its dynamic 
exhibition programme and innovative approach. In 
parallel with its exhibitions, S.M.A.K. 
continuously shows a changing selection from its 
extensive permanent collection.

We are adding two guest curators to our team to 
work at our arts centre on a project basis for a 
fixed term of three years. Both curators will be 
recruited internationally. One curator will be 
appointed every eighteen months so that the two 
curatorsí assignments overlap.
The first vacancy is now open.

Job Description
The guest curatorís core task is to develop and 
implement an exhibition project as an 
international co-production involving a minimum 
of two museums abroad, at least one of which is 
non-European. The initial exhibition must take 
place in the S.M.A.K.. The project proposal 
submitted by each candidate will be a factor in 
the selection procedure.

In addition to this the guest curator will also 
be involved in the museumís other exhibition work 
in order to ensure proper integration with the 
museum staff. The guest curator will maintain 
positive contacts with an extensive network in 
the visual arts, in the broadest sense of the 

The requirements for candidacy are:

- the submission of a 3-year exhibition project 
that will be realised at S.M.A.K., in 
collaboration with at least two other museums
- a good knowledge of the domain of contemporary art
- at least 3 yearsí experience in international 
organisations or projects involving contemporary 
- experience in the organisation of extensive exhibition projects
- excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills
- the willingness to settle in Belgium for the duration of the project

Applications will be accepted until Friday, 
October 28th, 2005 and must include an exhibition 
project and an extended curriculum vitae.

Please send your application to vzw S.M.A.K., Mr. 
Sven Jacobs, Citadelpark, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

More information about this vacancy can be found 
on <http://www.smak.be>http://www.smak.be

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