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Mon Sep 12 20:59:44 CEST 2005

From: kernow <kernow at greenpeppermagazine.org>

>Greenpepper Magazine : EMERGENCY Issue : Call for Contributions :
>The Greenpepper is an Amsterdam-based magazine project focusing on
>autonomous political struggles.
>The next issue of the Greenpepper magazine seeks to critically explore
>the 'state of emergency' as the paradigm of contemporary politics. We
>are particularly interested in contributions which push at the limits of
>conceptions of, and approaches to, the 'state of emergency'.  We are
>also looking for contributions that explore the broader and ongoing
>issues of the Greenpepper for inclusion in the non-theme area of the
>1) Questions and topics to be explored in the theme area include (but
>are not limited to):
>- What is the State of Emergency ? What are its characteristics, modes
>and sites of conflict? What are the implications of Emergency as the
>paradigm of state power and how does it transform the ways sovereign
>power is exercised ? How do contemporary methods of state violence
>differ from earlier and more conventional policing practices ? How does
>the 'war on terror' transform the terrain of political conflict ?
>- What is the camp and where are its borders ? How (in)effective are
>human rights,privacy and civil liberties in identifying, targeting and
>resisting the 'state of emergency' ? What is the relationship between
>citizenship and exclusion (or political community and the production of
>'bare life') ? In what ways does the 'state of emergency' transform the
>city and the markets that are situated there - or, how does emergency
>transform the relationship between capital and crisis ?
>- What is the relationship between emergency and emergent power
>between the current (security)state of affairs (indefinite detention,
>proliferation of camps, concentration of executive power, suspension of
>rule of law, new kinds of social control, life management and racial
>profiling) and various political struggles (for example, against
>detention, racism, surveillance, war and precarity) ?
>- What new possibilities and sites of political conflict does the 'state
>of emergency' open up and/or close down? Are struggles a response to the
>state of emergency or is emergency a response to struggles ? Either way,
>what are the implications for (re)thinking political disobedience beyond
>citizenship and democratic rights?
>- What is biopolitics how does it relate to the state of emergency? What
>new configurations of racism, sovereignty and exclusion emerge as
>security and the management of 'life' becomes the sole rationale of
>government and how are they being challenged? How does the biopolitics
>of state control intersect with the biopolitics of labour ? What is the
>relationship between the continual 'state of emergency' and the
>continual threat of epidemics, 'natural' disasters and bio-terrorism?
>2) Questions to be explored in the non-theme contributions should
>resonate with and explore the ongoing (and possibly, future) themes and
>issues of the Greenpepper.   Please see our WIKI page or Manifesto for
>more details : http://www.greenpeppermagazine.org/process
>Contributions can be in any format. Written text should ideally be
>either 1000=961500 or 2500-3000 words (and in .rtf format) while visual
>submissions should 1=963 A4 portrait pages (and in either .tiff or .pdf
>format). More importantly, contributions should be critical and
>generative of different ways of thinking about and/or visualising these
>issues. The final deadline for contributions is October 7, 2005.
>For more information or to send contributions email:
>contact at greenpeppermagazine.org or go to: http://www.greenpeppermagazine.org

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