[artinfo] Digital Turin for the 2006 Olympics

Franck Ancel franck.ancel at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 9 09:23:50 CEST 2005

An article extracted from DOMUS http://www.domusweb.it/

How do urban dynamics change in the digital era? What tools does technology
give us to aid the study and design of the territory? A concrete answer to
these questions comes from the project by a Turin group of architects and
new media experts. Maurizio Cilli, Carlo Infante, Riccardo Mantelli, Filippo
Moncelli, Max Paccagnella and Stefano Ruggeri have created "glocalmap.to", a
digital map of the Turin Olympic area, developed for the Cultural Olympics
in collaboration with TOROC, the Games' organising committee.

Global and local, "glocalmap.to" is an interactive web platform open to
inhabitants and tourists alike; for the 42 days of the Winter Olympics in
February and March 2006, they will be asked to say what they think of their
city. It works quite simply: those wishing to do so can send a message (sms,
mms and e-mails with attachments), which will be stored and displayed at a
precise point on the map, visible to all via a number of screens. Apart from
the play factor, "glocalmap.to" is intended to represent an experience of
participation in urban planning.

For the future they are considering a vectorial version that will allow
architects to place their projects directly on the territory. The aim? To
trace a new spontaneous map of Turin that will reveal fresh and unexpected
geographies. The presentation of the project is scheduled for 6pm today at
the Atrium foundation. The speakers are Giovanni Ferrero, Maurizio Cilli,
Stefano Boeri and Paolo Verri coordinated by Carlo Infante. Footnote: The
Beach club, Turin's urban beach on the River Po, is celebrating its fifth
birthday and hosting an open meeting of the Domus editorial team from 8pm

Torino - Italy
14.9.2005, h. 18
Atrium, via Pietro Micca 21
14.9.2005, h. 20
Club The Beach, via Murazzi del Po 18

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