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Video Reporting Award award at videoreporter.org
Fri Sep 9 00:50:32 CEST 2005


The 2nd International Video Reporting Award is an international competition 
specifically geared towards innovative documentary shorts and non-fiction 
digital films helmed by a single autonomous author.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

2000 Euro

Criteria: Documentary film of 15 minutes length at most, which has been 
produced by one or more Video Journalists/ Video Reporters. Open category. 
Those films will be awarded that experiment with this new mode of 
production and outstand by a journalistic – cinematic narrative in form and 
content. The filmmaker’s fondness of experimentation is very important to us.


Criteria: Television documentary of 15 minutes length at most, which has 
been produced by one or more Video Journalists/ Video Reporters and 
broadcasted by a German television broadcast station (please explicitly 
state broadcast station and date of broadcasting). Those journalistically 
as well as technically outstanding works will be awarded that also meet the 
claims of mainstream television and show an innovative and self-contained 
personal style.


Criteria: Film of 15 minutes length at most, which has been produced by one 
or more Video Reporters/ Video Journalists. The applicants must be under 
the age of thirty or enrolled in a University for admission. We will award 
those films that convince us of an individual personal style in content or 
cinematography and that show us the applicants’ outstanding potential.
Video Reporting is the merge of cinematography, editing, sound and 
directing in one single persons hand.
Film and television technicians adopt these digital documentary techniques 
and regard the resultant new autonomous ways of production as a challenge.

Not only will the jury and the preselection committee judge the idea and 
conception of the film but they will also place great emphasis on the way 
the filmmaker creatively dealt with the new digital authoring principle.

Smaller cameras offer more freedom of movement and consequently often lead 
to new perspectives and prospects differing from what you see on television.
Additionally, commercial video editing software has achieved a level of 
sophistication allowing for quick and playful experimentation with the footage.
The end results are journalistic films which inspire new boundaries in the 
field of TV journalism.

We seek outstanding films that experiment with this new mode of production 
and whose journalistic-cinematic narrative catches our attention in form 
and content.

Furthermore the films should withstand traditional quality criteria and 
simultaneously broaden the boundaries of mainstream television.

We are looking for documentary films and authentically narrated stories 
captivating us with their particular intensity, an innovative creativity 
and a very distinctive personal authoring style.

We also place a great deal of emphasis on the filmmakers fondness for 
experimentation, however, keeping in mind the presented films should not 
exceed 15 minutes and they should have been produced by one or more Video 
Reporters/ Video Journalists.

The 2nd International Video Reporting Award is being borne by the Bauhaus 
University Weimar as well as those television broadcast stations that are 
already working together with Video Journalists large scale – Hessischer 
Rundfunk, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Deutsche Welle TV .

The 2nd International Video Reporting Award is going to take place on the 
5. and 6. November in Weimar. It is being organised by the professorship 
Medienereignisse of the media faculty of the Bauhaus University Weimar.
The Jury are: Philip Hilven (TV Limburg/Belgium), Lisa Lambden (BBC/UK), 
Jan Metzger (HR/Germany), Benedikt Otto (MDR/Germany), Michael Rosenblum 
(Rosenblum Ass., USA), Dr. Christian Trippe (DW-TV/Germany), Mike Kraus 
(Award winner 2004, UK) and Professor Wolfgang Kissel (Bauhaus-University).

Videoreporters, Video journalists, documentary filmmakers, program 
managers, journalists, videobloggers and TV directors from all across 
Europe and the USA will discuss the potential of video reporting/ video 
journalism in contrast with mainstream television in public screenings, 
panels and discussions.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 6. November 2005 in the “Mon 
Ami” cinema and cultural centre in Weimar.

The festival is directed by Sabine Streich and curated by Albert Beckmann.


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