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Mon Sep 5 20:27:51 CEST 2005

FYI some places are still available on the 
MA/MSc/MRes Digital Art & Technology programme at 
i-DAT [Institute of Digital Art & Technology] at 
the University of Plymouth, UK.

m-DAT (Digital Art and Technology, formerly Digital Futures) is an
interdisciplinary postgraduate programme that actively encourages a rich mix
of students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, such as creative
writers, web designers, new media producers, digital artists, performers,
teachers, curators, musicians, film/video makers, or practitioners making
the transition from an organic analogue world to the digital world. What
binds these diverse practices together is the desire to produce work within
a digital context.

This hybrid programme offers MA (Master of Arts) or MSc (Master of Science)
awards, reflecting its interdisciplinary context, and challenging many of
the orthodoxies of how creative practices might be developed in the light of
technological change. It also offers a MRes (Master of Research) award.
Students can engage with the programme through sophisticated online
interactions and the advanced digital media studios and facilities offered
at i-DAT. m-DAT can be taken in part time or full time modes.
2005 Programme starts week beginning 19 September.

m-DAT is one of a suite of educational, research 
and production activities that form i-DAT [the 
Institute of Digital Art & Technology].

Mike Phillips: Director of i-DAT
[ i ][>][...] 
Institute of Digital Art and Technology 
School of Computing, Communications and Electronics, 
University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA, Devon, UK.
tel: ++44-01752-232549 / fax: ++44-01752-232540 / 
eml: mphillips at plymouth.ac.uk / www: http://www.i-dat.org

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