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Fri Oct 28 10:47:43 CEST 2005

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"East & East: Divergent Readings in Culture and Politics"
Featuring Lorand Hegyi, Marina Abramovic, Nebojsa Seric Soba, Laszlo Revesz

Slought Foundation | Thursday, November 03, 2005; 6:30-8:00pm
Free admission (Reservation not required)

Organized by Lorand Hegyi
Part of the 
in Theory Series

Slought Foundation, a non-profit organization 
rethinking contemporary arts, is pleased to 
announce "East & East: Divergent Readings in 
Culture and Politics," an evening symposium on 
Thursday, November 3, 2005 from 6:30-8:00pm. 
There is always an "Eastern version" and a 
"Western version" to the same story, as well as 
different versions of the same story inside the 
"East". This evening symposium will feature 
presentations by artists whose work is indicative 
of the divergent tendencies and heterogenity of 
Central and East European cultural and political 
systems. The evening will be moderated by Lorand 
Hegyi and introduced by Osvaldo Romberg.

The following artists have been invited to 
participate in the symposium: Marina Abramovic 
(lives in New York and Rome), Laszlo Revesz 
(lives in New York and Budapest), and Nebojsa 
Seric Soba (lives in New York and Sarajevo).


"CONFLICT: Perspectives, Positions, Realities in Central European Art"
Featuring Marina Abramovic, Braco Dimitrievic, 
Nebojsa Seric Soba, Michael Milunovic, Danica 
Dakic, Maya Bajevic, Laszlo Révész, Sandor 
Pinczehelyi, Peter Ronai, Eric Binder, Denica 
Lehocka, Jiri Cernicky

Slought Foundation Exhibition | November 04 - December 31, 2005

Reception: Friday, November 04, 2005 ; 6:30-8:30pm
Free admission (Reservation not required)

Curated by Lorand Hegyi
Part of the <http://slought.org/series/Exhibitions/>Exhibition Openings Series

Slought Foundation, a non-profit organization 
rethinking contemporary art, presents "CONFLICT: 
Perspectives, Positions, Realities in Central 
European Art," from November 4-December 31, 2005. 
This exhibition has been curated by Lorand Hegyi, 
Director of Le Musée d'art moderne de 
Saint-Etienne, France. The curator and select 
participating artists will be present for the 
public reception on Friday, November 4th, 2005 
from 6:30-8:30pm.

In spite of the growing interest in long 
forgotten and neglected parts of Europe, the 
contemporary culture of Central Europe remains 
basically unknown and to a certain degree 
misunderstood. Entrenched prejudices, a lack of 
information, and somewhat naïve illusions about 
the historical and political realities, as well 
as about the radical political changes currently 
taking place in the region, have until now 
blocked an accurate and authentic reading of the 
cultures of the Central European countries. This 
exhibition contributes to the long process of 
integration and understanding of contemporary art 
made by artists who were raised in Central Europe 
but have, in different ways, adopted a nomadic 
lifestyle whose artistic practice reconnects with 
their native country, but also with their new 
countries of residence. Our exhibition aspires to 
avoid any false homogenization or sense of 
universality, and in turn seeks to reflect and 
accept the historically inflected diversity which 
ma kes these particular works worthy of our 
renewed attention. We can find heterogeneity in 
the language and pluralism of the aesthetic 
strategies featured in this exhibition, which in 
turn reflects the different historical, 
political, and cultural contexts of the region.

Participating artists in this exhibition include: 
Marina Abramovic (Montenegro/United States), 
Braco Dimitrievic (Bosnia/France), Nebojsa Seric 
Soba (Bosnia/United States), Michael Milunovic 
(Serbia/France), Danica Dakic (Bosnia/Germany), 
Maya Bajevic (Bosnia/France), Laszlo Révész 
(Hungary/United States), Sandor Pinczehelyi 
(Hungary), Peter Ronai (Slovakia), Eric Binder 
(Slovakia), Denica Lehocka (Slovakia), and Jiri 
Cernicky (Czech Republic).

Lorand Hegyi (born in Hungary; currently resides 
in France) is one of the foremost European 
curators and art historians. He is currently the 
director of Le Musée d'art moderne de 
Saint-Etienne. He is the former director of the 
Museum Moderner Kunst / Ludwig Foundation, 
Vienna, and founding director of the new Centre 
Arte Contemporanea in Naples. Hegyi is a 
respected critic specializing in modern and 
contemporary art from Central and East Europe 
(such as Ilya Kabakov, Marina Abramovic, Braco 
Dimitrijevic, Hermann Nitsch, Franz West, and 
Roman Opalka), and the author of numerous 
publications on contemporary art and cultural 
criticism. His publications include "New 
Sensibility - Change of Paradigm in Contemporary 
Art" (Budapest, 1993), "Roman Opalka's Places" 
(Prestel, 2000), and "The Courage to Be Alone - 
Re-inventing of Narratives in Contemporary Art" 
(Charta, 2004). Lorand Hegyi was co-curator of 
the Venice Biennial in 1993; artistic director of 
the Sculpture Triennial of Stu ttgart in 1995; 
and curator of the Valencia Biennial 2003. He has 
previously lectured at Slought Foundation as part 
of the 2005 Hermann Nitsch retrospective 
exhibition, and on "Politics in France and the 
New European Art Scene".

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