[artinfo] Post Industrial Carnival opens this Friday!!

Rozalinda borcila at arts.usf.edu
Wed Oct 19 16:49:36 CEST 2005

   The Post-Industrial Carnival

   October 21 - October 30, 2005;

   Flight 19, 601 Nebraska Avenue, Tampa  FL , at the Union Train Station
   Baggage Building
   Opening event Friday, October 21st between 6-11 PM

   Video festival and closing reception on Saturday, October 29th, 6-11

   Gallery hours are daily between 11-5 PM.
   It is profoundly alienating. Buildings, roads, people
   have been dissappeared. They use words like
   “community” and “neighborhood” to manage our desire
   for a collective body. DO NOT WALK, DO NOT MINGLE, DO
   NOT WANDER ON FOOT -- unless you buy rich enough to
   have a sidewalk, or are hopping off the cruise for an

   evening’s entertainment along the Channelside-Ybor axis.
   How can we speak of a public space in our city? Where
   are the open spaces, social practices, spontaneous
   gatherings, outside of tightly regulated and
   choreographed parades? How else can we imagine being

   with each other – when being a Buccaneer just isn’t enough?
   The Carnival is about forgotten practices, erased
   histories, suppressed desires, possible futures. It is
   unleashed as a cacophonous collective voice. It is
   about occupying space, about physical and symbolic
   geography. It is trans-local, drawing lines of flight
   between Tampa, Bucharest, New York, Budapest, Denver,
   Bethlehem, Iasi, Cluj, London, Oslo... It is our call
   to reclaim the city.
   The Post-Industrial Carnival is a nine day event that
   follows up on last year's rowdy Industrial Carnival.
   It combines an art exhibition, video screenings,
   presentations, interventions, actions, performances
   and the production of ephemera - all in the area of
   the Tampa Union Train Station, its former Baggage
   Claim Building and adjacent public spaces.
   Featuring works by: Richard Beckman, Ciprian Muresan,
   Elisabeth Condon, Rene Gabri, Joe Farbrook, Calin Dan,
   Neil Bender, Ayreen Anastas, Sherry Wiggins, John
   Byrd, Matei Bejenaru, Anat Pollack, Joseph Melancon,
   Kara Holland, Chip Neville, John Steelman, Amber Cobb,
   Yoko Nogami, Gerlinde Miesenboeck, Dan Acostioaei,
   Wendy Babcox, Peter Lasch, Daniela
   Alexa, Rachel Hoffman, Janos Sugar, Mark Koven, Dana
   Plays, Alex Costantino, Juan delGado, Juliet Davis,
   Colleen Cleveland, Monica Bradley, Lasse Raa, Jeff
   Stover. Artist collaborations: Posters in Action; MPG;
   Meme Rider Media Team; Xurban Collective; Amy
   Pezzicara + Jessie Stehlik; Nikki Pike + Jeanine Minge
   + Amber Cobb; Donna Stack + Andrew Kaufman; Kimmy
   Ellinwood + Aaron Ellinwood + Jon Schiller;  Andrea
   Burgess + Meghan Hogan + Maeve Garvin + Anthony Record

   + Juan Parra + Nina Stolz + Vanessa Jacko

   In Tampa Florida:

   Contact: Flight 19 at (813)238-5910

   Event producer/curator: Jeff Stover/Rozalinda Borcila at (813)714-8525

   borcila at arts.usf.edu

   The event an homage to the late Richard Beckman, one of the producers
   of last year’s event.

   Flight 19 is an Experimental Skeleton project, an alternative art
   space located in the former Baggage Building of the Union Train
   Station in downtown Tampa, Florida.

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