[artinfo] D Media screening, 12 Oct ,19:00 at Dinamo

joanne richardson jori at riseup.net
Mon Oct 10 10:44:13 CEST 2005

Screening of D Media videos on 12 Oct, 19:00 at Dinamo, Tuzolto u. 22

D Media (http://www.d-media.tk & http://www.dmedia.ro) is an association
of artists, theorists and media activists from Cluj (Romania) promoting
alternative media and the noncommercial use of information technologies.
Projects have included conferences, tech workshops, a net.radio program
and a series of video documentaries made in collaboration with teenagers
from Cluj. Four of these videos will be presented on Oct 12 at Dinamo.

1. “Folklore” (32 min, DVD, 2004). Documentary about present day
nationalism in Romania and its ties to Ceausescu’s regime. Interviews
filmed in Cluj and Budapest, mixed with newsreel footage from the state
archives. In Romanian and Hungarian with English subtitles.

2. “Paint Romanian” (11 min, DVD, 2004). Animated, rhythmic montage
composed of hundreds of still photographs of tricolor objects reflecting
the nationalist obsession in Cluj, mixed with reflective texts and
experimental music. English version.

3. “Open” (16 min, DVD, 2004). Theorists, hackers and dinosaurs present
their views about the political, economic & social implications of the
Free/Open Source Software movement. Filmed at the Transhackmeeting in
Croatia. In English with Romanian subtitles.

4. “Behind the Scene” (25 min, DVD, 2005). Interviews with artists about
the struggle to make a living, the role of art in mass culture, the
importance artist-run spaces, and the inadequacy of contemporary art
institutions in Romania. Filmed in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi. In
Romanian with English subtitles.

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