[artinfo] Walk around Buda

Dodelin Sophie hely73 at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 8 16:03:04 CEST 2005

Dear all,
	I am sending you a travel invitation from 
the french art group "Ici-Meme" (that means 
"right here"). They made an East Europ turn and 
now they stop in Budapest till the "Tavaszi 
fesztival" where i will join them (at
the end of the month). They propose  to discover 
your everyday life in a new sensitiv way. Let's 
try the experience !!

See you very soon,

Sophie Dodelin

--- voyage at icimeme.org wrote :

>  Dear friends,
>  Soon, a new experience ! Be ready to live extraordinary landscapes,
>  unexpected situations, strange nights, banality, adventures in succession,
>  and more and more ...
>  Ici Meme, in collaboration with Artemisio and Dinamo, organises a big walk
>  through Budapest the 8th and the 9th of october.
>  It would be good to share a while with you before the Autumn Festival.
>  This walk will last the whole two days, and for the night of the 8th
>  everything is organized. Donīt worry about that. But if you need to sleep
>  in Budapest the 7th or the 9th, just tell us, and we will find cheap
>  accomodations for you.
>  So, let us quickly know if you will be ours (the best would be before the
>  4th of october), and join us with your sleeping-bags and good shoes ! If
>  you have any question write us on _voyage at icimeme.org_, and we will confirm
>  you as soon as possible the appointement for the walk.
>  See you soon.
>  love
>  Ici Meme

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