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Netmage 06
Creative and innovative images on art, media, communication.
6th edition.

Bologna, 25-28 January 2006

International Live Media Floor / Application Form

| Intro |

We are currently accepting applications to participate in the 2006 Netmage-International Live Media Floor.

As in previous editions Netmage 06 will host a line up of live performances on the main stage. Each performance should last around twenty minutes.
The festival welcomes all projects that make use of visual and audio devices (electronic, electro-acoustic, digital, analogue and cinematographic), with the aim of providing an outlet for the various aesthetics and practices connected to contemporary visual production.


| Announcement |

The Live Media Floor is open to all those who propose innovation in the art of generating and/or mixing live sounds and images in whatever shape or form.

The projects selected by the festival's curatorial team will feature in the programme of main events.

| Deadline for application |

Material should be sent to:
Netmage, Via Ca' Selvatica 4D, 40123 Bologna - Italy
No later than 15th October 2005.

For information and application on-line: www.netmage.it
E-mail: bando at netmage.it

| Participating projects |

The artists or groups selected will be advised by the end of November, 2005. 
Following selection the candidates will define with the Festival the technical requirements needed to perform live their project live.

The groups and/or artists selected will receive a contribution of 1,000 euro  towards accommodation and daily allowance.
In addition, by agreement with the Festival, travel will be reimbursed.

The Festival will provide those selected with organisational assistance in Bologna, for the entire duration of the Festival.

Netmage, Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d, 40123 Bologna, Italy
fax ++39 051 330900
bando at netmage.it

The participating candidates must provide:
- A detailed list of technical elements involved
- A demo tape (VHS, DVD, MiniDv CD-rom, cd audio)
- A detailed schedule for the presentation of the project

In addition, the participating candidates are required to provide the following information:
- Name of artist/group/crew
- Composition of the group
- Name of musician or musical support
- Website address
- E-mail
- Tel
- Fax
- Brief biographical notes of artist/group/crew

Participating artists hereby authorise for the use of short excerpts from their work for publicity and promotional purposes on TV and radio,

Material sent will become part of the festival archive and will not be returned.

Please make sure that all parts of the application form have been filled out.





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