[artinfo] 'Local news' - call for participation

Natalie Ruth Waldbaum nsounds at seznam.cz
Wed Nov 23 01:25:05 CET 2005

'Local News' - Invitation

I would like to invite you to take part in an exhibition of 'Local News'. I 
am attempting to collect items of 'local' news from across Europe (and 

Living in a small rural town on the south western tip of a small(ish) 
island off the western coast of the European continent, it is sometimes 
easy to lose perspective on the broader picture of current affairs, and to 
get caught up in issues of the immediate surroundings and their personal 
effects. The same can be said of any location.

The term 'local' is always problematic: where do you draw the boundaries 
between local/ regional/ national/ international/ global? - And in what 
terms do you define it - geographically? culturally? politically?

In 'Local News' I would like to look at the meaning of 'local' on a 
personal scale of individual experience, the running of our day-to-day 
lives and the effects of events, directly or indirectly, on ourselves and 
our surrouindings. Here the boundaries blurr: global may become local, and 
vice versa.

My attempt is to bring together  the personally selected events of a day 
from various 'localities' across the globe.

TO CONTRIBUTE to this project please follow these instructions:

* ON SUNDAY 27TH NOVEMBER (this coming sunday) buy a local newspaper, 
select an article which effects you (directly or indirectly), cut it out 
and send it to me together with a comment ,in English, on why you chose it 
and how it effects you and/or your 'locality'

Your newspaper clippings and comments will be exhibited  at Gallery One-C 
in South Brent, Devon, UK., on 10th December 2005.

Please send your clippings and comments to me a.s.a.p after 27th November 
(to allow for Christmas post delays) to:

Natalie Waldbaum
'Local News'
Postgraduate Centre
Dartington College of Arts
Devon TQ9 6EJ

Thank you for your contribution.
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be interested in 

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