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The Exhibition "The Continuous Arts Class"

Novi Sad Neo-avantgarde 1960's and 1970's of the 20th Century

November 18th - December 3rd 2005.
Exhibition Space of the Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad
Museum of Vojvodina, Dunavska 37, Novi Sad

Author and producer of the exhibition:
New Media Center_kuda.org, Novi Sad

Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad
Student Cultural Center Novi Sad

We invite you for the opening of the exhibition "The Continuous Arts 
Class" and the public debate 'Omitted History''. The exhibition is 
part of a long-term project entitled The Continuous Arts Class; a 
symbolic follow up of the The Public Arts Class project, which was 
carried out in 1970 on the Danube Pier in Novi Sad by the 
protagonists of the current conceptual artistic scene. The Continuous 
Arts Class aims at presenting a fruitful and creative production 
through documentation, action, exhibitions and performances.

The opening of the exhibition is on Friday 18th of November 2005. at 
20:00h.  Same day as the following part of the exhibition will be 
public debate 'Omited history''. The topic of debate will be 
artistic, societal and political aspects of this period in history of 
Novi Sad and ideological-political obstacles that production  had.

So far, within The Continuous Arts Class project, the following has 
been realised: a pseudo-opera King of the Forest directed by Andras 
Urban, written by Slobodan Tisma; processing and digitalisation of 
the artistic legacy of Bogdanka and Dejan Poznanovic ; a colloquium 
entitled "Culture in the City Centre" held on 20th December, 2004 at 
the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad the fiftieth anniversary of the Youth 
Tribune (originally Tribina mladih) in Novi Sad; presenting the Novi 
Sad neo avant-garde and conceptual art scene of the 1960's and 1970's 
at the exhibition Belgrade Inc. in July 2004 and in Vienna as a 
separate part entitled "Novi Sad Konc.";


Centar za nove medije_kuda.org
Brace Mogin 2, po box 22
21113 Novi Sad
Srbija i Crna Gora
tel/fax: +381 21 512 227
office at kuda.org

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