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Tue Nov 15 19:50:33 CET 2005

After ‘Relational Aesthetics’
An Open Discussion and Seminar about art education and art practice

Dear all

You are invited to take part in an open discussion:

After ‘Relational Aesthetics’

that will be part of the Conference on Art and Design Education, in the
Hornsey School Occupation events, on Saturday, 19 November 2005 [for final
details look at the website: http://www.hornseyschoolofart.org].

Could the problems, identified in 1968, be of use in understanding the
current state of art education?
Discussion about the structure and nature of art and design education
 _      Is there a role for the artist/designer in society? If there is,
what is this role?
  _       What is the role of art education in society? Does art education
only enforce class structure and difference? Is it actively training
students for the production of luxury culture?
 _       Is active participation in the educational process possible?.

After ‘Relational Aesthetics’
   _       Could education become a site for art practice beyond the art
_      Could [art]schools be a terrain for the artist-activist?
     _       Can art teachers be ‘artists in residence’ in their school?

Towards the Philistine Art School: building on traditions of dissent
Dave Beech


contact: hornseyartschool at hotmail.co.uk

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