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Places on this workshop are limited to 12 people, and at the time of 
posting we have seven people booked. If you are interested in participating 
please contact us asap.



Ultrasound 2005 / Mon 21 - Sat 26 Nov 2005 /
Workshop / Creative Labs: TileToy
A Modular Electronic Game Prototype
by Tuomo Tammenpää & Daniel Blackburn
Finland / UK

Mon 21 - Thur 24 November 2005

University of Huddersfield
Technology Building
Queensgate Campus

Fee: £20

TileToy is a modular, electronic game prototype
which brings the flexibility inherent in software
to a physical tile that people can touch and
interact with. By arranging multiple tiles,
players engage in various kinds of game play,
from fast paced arcade style games to puzzle or
learning games. TileToy employs changing-state
strategies, animation and play; individual tiles
affect the state of adjoining tiles.

The re-programmable and constantly updated
graphical information is displayed on an LED dot
matrix system. The screen is an endlessly
versatile surface for displaying visual data.
Tiles are controlled individually and can be
used to transmit information singly or in groups.
The assembled tiles wirelessly transmit their
individual position in relation to each other
and, based on that changing information, a
central computer, or a dedicated tile runs the
different applications.

The source code and the hardware will be made
available via open licenses. The aim of TileToy
is to create a platform that anyone can use to
create unique content. Making the software open
will allow people to create their own
applications and games and feed these back into
the community to spark further innovation. The
open hardware schematics will allow people to
make their own TileToys cheaply without paying a
third party.

The initial PicBasic code used to control the
tiles will be released under the GPL or LGPL
[see http://www.opensource.org for more details].
The first open hardware version will inlcude a
list of components, initial circuit design
schematics and instructions for building the
tiles. Details of the release will be posted on
the TileToy Blog by the end of November 2005.

Tuomo Tammenpää is an active media artist and
designer. During the last ten years he has
participated in several exhibitions in
Scandinavia, Central Europe, Asia and North
America presenting video and media installations.

Daniel Blackburn has ten years experience
working in the games industry. He is a creative
technologist and has worked on a number of new
and innovative computer games.

TileToy is supported by the Digital Research
Unit, Huddersfield.


Workshop Schedule
+ Visitors are asked to first report to
+ University Reception, Harold Wilson Building,
+ Queensgate.

DAY ONE: Registration and Introduction
Monday 21st November
14:15 - 17:00

DAY TWO: Construction
Tuesday 22nd November
09:15 - 18:00

DAY THREE: Testing and Software
Wednesday 23rd November
09:15 - 18:00

DAY FOUR: Game Development
Thursday 24th November
09:15 - 14:15

Car Parking:
Limited car parking at the University's Wakefield
Road car park on the Queensgate Campus is
available to registered participants on request.


For further information or to book please contact
Clare Danek

Email: info at ultrasound.ws
Tel: +44 [0] 870 990 5007


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