[artinfo] Call For Entry: The Suburban Show

Brenda Goldstein goldstein.brenda at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 5 19:16:56 CET 2005

Call For Entry: The Suburban Show

Organized by Brenda Goldstein & Toronto Free Gallery

The early 90s marked a resurgence within our urban centers. A vibrant
cultural space emerged in abandoned warehouses, as artists were drawn to
create a new form of affordable housing. A dialogue emerged that  
began to
address how our city spaces effected our concepts of living,  
community, social
interaction and our economies.  By the end of the decade artists had
unwittingly become the vanguard of gentrification,  adding the cachet of
hipness to areas considered undesirable, yet  affordable.

Throughout downtown areas, and in the former heart of Canadian heavy
industry, Developers seized on the romanticism of the New York style  
Loft”. The concept of live/work was redefined as an attitude   rather  
than a
necessity of survival, and priced out of range for the cultural  
worker and the
underwaged. This boom in construction, has  also become a  
urban centres have taken on a  suburban esthetic superimposed by  
new developments.

With this exhibition we aim to imagine a possible future one where  the
suburbs and the city center change place… A plastic, inverted and  
future, a utopia for the city centers displaced. Will we continue see  
suburbs as the locality of cookie cutter banality with neatly clipped  
lawns, and houses that differ only in their varying shades of taupe?  
Not if
the suburbs the new urban fringe!

Deadline: November 30, 2005

Please send the following:
1 page proposal outlining your project
Images of submitted work or previous work (high res digial images  
do not send thumbnails)
One paragraph bio

Proposals can be sent via post to:
660 Queen Street East
Toronto ON m4m 1g5
Or by email to:
brenda at torontofreegallery.org

For more details contact Heather Haynes at Toronto Free Gallery  

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