[artinfo] Second Life

Mázsa Péter peter.mazsa at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 14:51:05 CET 2005


Second Life is a virtual world - a 3D online persistent space totally
created and evolved by its users. Within this vast and rapidly
expanding place, you can do, create or become just about anything you
can imagine. Built-in content creation tools let you make almost
anything you can imagine, in real time and in collaboration with
others. An incredibly detailed digital body ('Avatar') allows a rich
and customizable identity. A powerful physics simulation running on a
backbone of hundreds of connected computers and growing with the
population allows you to be immersed in a visceral, interactive world
that as of April 2005 covers more than 12,000 acres and 20,000 owned
plots of land. The ability to design and resell 3D content, combined
with the ability to own and develop land and a microcurrency, which
can be exchanged to real money means that you can build a real
business entirely within Second Life.

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