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Veszely Be ta veszelyb at axelero.hu
Tue May 24 13:57:56 CEST 2005

'Out of Darkness'
Artist's video and cinema.
Deadline 10th June, 2005.

This is a call for single screen video works, of under 10 minutes duration,
that relate to cinema or the cinematic. This reference could be either
through allusions to particular films or through a formal relationship to
the cinema space. These will be programmed for one night screenings in
cinema spaces in the Midlands and beyond.
The works will preferably not have been shown in a cinema context before.
Analogue and digital video is a more democratic medium than 35mm film, and
film makers such as Kiarostami have embraced the immediacy of video as a
medium. The works in this screening will play up the distinction between the
two media, however, to engage with the cultural resonances of the history of
film from a critical or poetic distance, or in order to use the shorter
history and do it yourself informal aesthetic of video as a comparative
The screening will include works by international artists such as Harun
Farocki, who has made a video meditation on the first ever publicly screened
film, which was of workers leaving a factory; and Com & Com, who have made a
Hollywood style trailer for a film that was never made about the William
Tell story. Other works will be by John Baldessari, Francis Lamb, Paul
Rooney, and others, as well as one or two works by younger national British
artist video makers.

An application for funding to pay artist fees from Arts Council West
Midlands is not yet confirmed. There  will be two screenings at cinemas in
the West Midlands in September, at the Light House and OHM Media Center, and
there will be one more screening further afield, ideally in September also.
If you are interested in submitting work (no students please), send a VHS,
miniDV or DVD with CV, synopsis or statement to 'Out of Darkness', 29 Halkyn
Avenue, Liverpool. L17 2AH. Please email Paulrooney2 at yahoo.co.uk if you have
any questions

Many thanks, Paul Rooney.

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