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   In e   exhibitio   Dear Friends,<   In exactly ten days time PRAGUE BIENNALE 2 open   focuses
   on two themes that are fundamental to    all its
   different aspects (Expa   and social acti   More than 200 artists,   international art exh   in the
   world. 200 arti   Hall,   cathedral of art, as well as parts of the city itself, its    its
   squares and tunnels, which will be filled with performa   music,
   dance and unusual and provocative interventions   will be a
   great live event and    exhibitions
   of contempora   come to
   Prag   Sep   decision to   come. We are sure it will be a most beautiful cultural experience a   nd an
   unforgettable holiday.
   Please find below a detailed program   you will
   see, is a    fascinating for
   e   The Biennale covers a broad spectrum, from an updated i   of
   Kinetic art and of the group Normal to creativity i   from the
   New Scene of Czech and Slovak art to many p   traditional to the truly transgressive. An   be
   featured the new generation of perform   all from
   Latin America. Each one of yo   Prague can also be reached by coach.
   Certainly the ideal way is to come by plane. It only   so to reach Prague from Italy. It is also a beautiful   seven hours) to take by car: with a friend with whom to sh   driving it becomes a beautiful excursion across Central Europe.   journey by coach from  many european cities costs only 70 Eur   at the local coach station or go to www.e   between Prague and
   other European citi   Press accredita   For press accreditation we advise you to book o   [1]www.praguebienale.org

   We look forward to seeing you in Pra   PRAGUE BIENNALE 2
   Press Office
   May 26 / September 15
   Op   With kind support of Mr. Vaclav Havel, the writer, playwriter and
   politician<   The President of Prague Biennale, Gabriele Guzz   and the Director, Giancarlo Politi
   Invite you to the opening of
   Expa   Thursday 26 May 2005,    from 11 a.m to7 p.m
   Karlin Hall,&nbs   Karlin, Prague 8 (metro Krizikova)
   Open 7    www.praguebiennale.org - <   href="http://webmail.flashartonline.com/src/compose.php?send_to=i   nfo%40praguebiennale.org">info at praguebienna   EXPANDED PAINTING (Curated by Helena Kontova and Gia   Patrizia Alemanno, Janis Avotins, Diann Ba   Baumgartner, Blue Noses, Michael Borremans, Nina Bovasso,   Caivano,
   Juan Francisco Casas, Maurizio Cattelan, Jiri     Choudry,
   Jan Christensen, Valentina DÖAmaro, Jaco   Nuno de
   Campos, Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena,   Torben
   Giehler, Xenia Gnilitskaya,   Damien
   Hirst, hobbypopMUS   Ziga
   Kariæ, Jo   Lounila, Rory
      Margolis, J   McNab, Jim Medway, Birgit Megerle, Dawn Mellor, Angelo Mosca,    Nervi,
   Jacco Olivier, Alexandra Paperno, Seb Patane, Polys Pe   Gabriele
   Picco, Luca Rento, Anselm Reyle, Zbigniew Rogalski,   Wilhelm
   Sasnal, Maaike Schoorel, Shirana Shahbazi, R   Simões,
   Susanne Simonson, Martina Steckholzer, A   Marguerite
   Teplin, David Ter-Oganyan, Rui Tos   Broek, Iris
   Van Dongen, Pieter Vermee   Stella
   Vine, Maja Vukoje   NEW GERMAN PAINT      TIlo Baumgartel, Mart   Martin
   Eder, Tim Eitel,    Holzapfel, Matthi   Lozek,
   Martin Man   Sophia
   Schama,   NORMAL GROUP (curated by Luca Beatrice): Peter Angermann, Jan Knap,
   A TRIBUTE TO (curated by Giancarlo Politi): <   Montesano
   CHINA   Marella   Francesca Jordan):  Feng Zhengjie, Fu Hong, He Se   Liuming,
   Yang Qian, Zeng Hao, Zhang Xiaotao,    KINETIC ART<      Getulio Alviani, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Marina Apollonio, Hen   Berlewi,
   Enrico Castellani, Andreas Christen, Gianni Colombo, To   Carlos
   Cruz-Diez, Gabriele De Vecchi, Milan Dobes, Gerard    Julije
   Knifer, Edoardo Landi, Julio Le Parc, Peter L   Massironi, Almir
   Mavignier, Francois Morellet, Ivan Pi   Bridget
   Riley, Jeffrey Steele, Joel Stein,   Ludwig
   Wilding, and Ryszard Winiarski   ACCION DIRECTA, Latin American So   Scotini in
   collaboration with P   Beth
   Bird, W   La
   Com   Galindo,    Gitelman  Josè Ignacio Lezcano, Grupo de Arte Callejer   Guerrillavision, Patrick Hamilton, Federico Herrero, KanalB   Rosa
   Jijon, Ivelisse Jimènez, Grupo 24/7, Anibal Lopez [A1   Teresa
   Margolles, Xenia MejÌa, Ronald Mor·n, Gianni Mot   Navarro, Rodrigo
   Pacheles, Oliver Ressler, Herbert Reyes, E   Esteban
   Sandoval, Rosemberg Sandoval, Chemi Ro   Ezequiel
   Suarez, Javier Tellez, Terceru   and
   CZECH  SLOVAK NEW SCENE (curated    Veronika Bromov·, David C   Groupe Guma
   Guar, Tomas Hl   Kintera, Jan    Pode Bal, Jiri Prihoda, Rafani, Milan Salak, Vacla   Katerina
   Vincourov· (Czech New Scene); Erik Binder, Cyr   Blazo, Anetta
   Mona Chisa, Richard Fajnor, Victor Fre   Laubert,  Ilona
   Nemeth, Boris Ondreicka,   Tkacova, Dusan Zahorans   DEFINITION o   Manc   Jasansky/
   Martin Polak, Roman Ondak, Boris Ondreicka, Marketa Oth   Petileta,
   Katerina Seda, Jan Serych, Jiri Skala and Tomas   POLAND OVERVIEW (cu   Cezary Bodzianow   Gorna, Elzbieta
   Jablo   Jacek
   M   Karska,   OUTSIDER ART (curated by James Colman):  Delaine   Bas,
   Wayne Lucas, and Barbara Symmons
   SIDE EVENTS:  Clip'It :    Wyne Veen
   a film by Luuk B   Tosca,
   Virgini   project, along with Eric Doeringer's "bootleg   Saccardi's"
   small paintings, and a clothes project    Hall's
   coffee bar; radek community present   Street
   Art:  A project created   Schmidt-Rasmussen, sp   Truck
   Art presents Th

   Giancarlo Politi/Flash Ar   Via Carlo Farini, 68
   20159 Milano Italy
   Tel. ++39 02 688   Fax  ++39 02 66 80 12 90
   email: [2]giancarlo.politi at tin.it

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