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Tue May 17 11:59:16 CEST 2005

Institute for the Development and Exploration of Art, London
The ICA, London, 9 May - 17 June

Starting with the question What should be happening at the ICA?
I.D.E.A.London is the culmination and continuation of research exploring
current institutional conditions within the arts. Collaborating with artists
and other practitioners, we will be 'squatting' the ICA. Placed within the
institution, yet remaining autonomous, I.D.E.A.London aims to explore and
intervene in the institutional strategies of the ICA, by generating visual
and textual critical discourse, developed around three main subjects:

The Spaces for Artistic Production and Showcase
The Artist Organisation
Cross-City Curatorial and Artistic Discourse

Participants include: Sarah Andrew, Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang (Public
Works), Hugo Canoilas, Benoit Maire, Adrian Shaw, Reuben Henry, Thomas
Kratz, Lia and Dan Perjovschi, Bob and Roberta Smith/LCCA, Alex Zika, Random
Artists, Charles Esche,  Unrealised Projects, Katie Holten, Jill Magid,
Barnaby Drabble, Art Lab, Daniel Griffiths, James Lingwood, Space Hijackers

I.D.E.A.London will be a continuously evolving, spontaneous project and is
open to new ideas for collaboration during its squat.

The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH

0044(0)7967 526 670
idealondon at gold.ac.uk

I.D.E.A.London is a curatorial project by Claudia Battistella, Lisa Bosse,
Reem Fadda, Rebecca Harris, Sofia Karamani, Lizzie Neilson, Kathy Noble,
Simona Nastac and Zhang Wei (MA Curating, Goldsmiths) and it emerges from a
series of seminars with the Exhibitions Department of ICA.

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