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The simultan project is the first edition of an
international experimental video/sound festival, which
will take place between 26-27th of May in Timisoara -

Simultan intended to offer a platform for the new
generations of artists and young cultural producers.
The project intends to implement the idea of
interculturality, to establish a new cultural and
artistic bond on the stage of Romanian art and between
those of different countries. The event hopes to
stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions
of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in
contemporary art. The event aims to promote the
activity of young artists and of those who belong to
the contemporary movement, through introducing and
presenting the current processes and the most
innovating and revolutionary tendencies. 

 This event is intended to be annual. This would give
the opportunity of presenting the existing
experimental intentions of audio-visual art, to
identify their status in the current context and to
link them to the new inovating elements.

Simultan event consists of 2 parts:

first day - 26.05.2005
-100seconds  short videos - presentation

second day - 27.05.2005
- presents a series of actions, of live sound
experiments and vj projections The art of those who
are searching for new ways of identifying the current
realities through an unusual process- the process
itself being more important than the final product.
The event is open to all artists (groups of artists)
working with video image and not only.Those who are
interested may apply, without any restrictions
concerning the theme(the idea is not to have rules,
but we do rule out racism, pornography and commercial
advertising), with a maximum number of 3 works (movie,
animation, vj-ing movie), each no longer than 100

Technical details:
- before the movie, there should be 10 seconds blank. 
- the works must be sent in a quicktime(preferable)
format or microsoft avi 720x576 with compresion dv-pal
and sound of 48kh, on CD/DVD (data) or mini-dv tape.

For each video, the participant is to fill in an
application form (download), which is to contain a
short description of the video, a CV and a photo of
the artist (for the catalogue). 

All works will be seen and selected by a jury. Only
the selected ones will be included in the program.

Jury members:
Alina SERBAN - independent curator
Sorin VREME - artist
Florin TUDOR - artist 

The festival entry is free.  
 There will be a simultan event catalogue published-
with CD or DVD. A presentation of the project will be
available on the site. 

Each selected participant will receive this catalogue
by the end of 2005.

The works and applications should be sent at: 
Vreme Sorin 
OP.1 CP.341, Timisoara

Please also send the aplication by e-mail to:
simultan at simultan.org - word format

The deadline for submitting the works is May 10th,
2005 (postmark).

For additional information please contact
simultan at simultan.org
Levente KOZMA, tel. +40 0740300806 

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