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Mon Mar 21 16:37:10 CET 2005

>From: Trond Lossius <lossius at bek.no>
>Subject: [0xff] [OT] Sensuous Knowledge 2
>Call for presentations
>Sensuous Knowledge 2:
>Aesthetic Practice and Aesthetic Insight
>An International Working Conference
>on Fundamental Problems of Artistic Research and Development
>at Solstrand, Norway
>Nov 9 - Nov 11 2005
>The first international working conference on "Sensuous Knowledge" was held
>at Solstrand, close to Bergen, Norway, in October 2004. About 70 artists,
>designers and teachers in higher art and design education had responded to
>the invitation by the Bergen National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i
>Bergen, KHiB) to spend three days listening to a few key note speeches, but
>first of all discussing examples of artistic research and development
>presented by the participants in the working groups. In accordance with the
>subtitle of the conference - "Creating a Tradition" - one of the aims was to
>develop ways of talking about, analyzing and evaluating various kinds of
>artistic R&D. Another aim was to consider the special character of cognition
>related to artistic creativity.
>The discussions revealed, among other things, a conflict between what may be
>an Anglo-Saxon and a Continental understanding of concepts like "science",
>"research and development", and "knowledge" and their relevance for artistic
>R&D. The former seems to take its point of departure in the natural
>sciences, demanding strict methods and hoping for new, factual and
>generalizable knowledge, whereas the latter is inspired by the humanities,
>using hermeneutic methods and aiming at providing some kind of broader
>In the conference "Sensuous Knowledge 2" the distinction between the two
>concepts will be treated in at least one key note speech within a context of
>both theory and history of both science and art. One plenary session will
>contain a couple of presentations with prepared comments, also introducing a
>rhetorical perspective on ways of discussing the various kinds of aesthetic
>insight that may be gathered from these examples of aesthetic practice. But
>the main feature of this second conference will again be the working groups
>where participants present their own artistic R&D and get prepared comments
>before all members of the group join in a general discussion.
>With this we want to invite practitioners from all art disciplines
>(including design and performative arts) to hand in proposals for
>presentations (about 30 minutes each) of completed or ongoing R&D-projects,
>for the working conference "Sensuous Knowledge 2: Aesthetic Practice and
>Aesthetic Insight". Please send us just one page (or two at the most)
>describing the format of your presentation, with a summary of the main
>points and main challenges of your project and a note on what kind of visual
>or acoustic material you may want to present.
>Deadline for proposals for presentations will be May 2, 2005, and you will
>be informed whether your proposal has been accepted by June 15. This will
>also be the date when we send out a general invitation to participate in the
>conference with a preliminary program and details about registration,
>conference fee, etc. Deadline for registrations will be late September.
>Please send proposals to Tone Lund-Olsen,
>Coordinator for Artistic Research and Development
>tlo at khib.no
>Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen
>Strømgaten 1, 5015 Bergen, Norway
>For more information, please contact Tone Lund-Olsen
>+47 55 58 73 13
>tlo at khib.no
>See papers from the 2004 conference at:
>Solstrand Hotel & Bad
>Academic organizers of the conference are
>Søren Kjørup,
>professor/R&D adviser at Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) and
>professor of theory and history of the humanities at Roskilde University
>(RUC), Denmark
>Nina Malterud,
>rector and professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB)
>Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB) is one of the two independent
>institutions of higher education in the visual arts and design in Norway.
>KHiB has three departments: Department of Fine Art; Department of Design
>(with the subject areas furniture and room design/interior architecture and
>visual communication) and Department of Specialised Art (with the subject
>areas photography, printmaking, ceramics and textiles). Students can take a
>three-year Bachelor degree and a two-year Master degree in design or visual
>arts. KHiB has 300 students and a staff, full-time and part-time, of 100.

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