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pourinfos.org is a information page on the contemporary art (mostly on
the french scene), it means, the art which is done today.

This page is intended to the visual artists, to mediators, to teachers
of art, to students...  It accomodates at least additional information
per day of Monday at Friday...

In this page, you will find information very official like the Programme
type of Beaubourg and others very specialized, like, attributions of
exceptional assistances to the artists, job offers, call for projects,
calls to participated, proposals coming from the artists themselves.

The principle of pourinfos is to set in the same page all kind of
informations about visual arts who take the same media importance, same
importance in our perception of information, thus leaving place with our
interest, that of the reader.

This space is your, pourinfos.org to you is guaranteed not to have, each
time, your disseminated information (one to four information per maximum
day is the possibilities limit...), but if you address information to us
precise and short on your activities or proposals, we will not fail to
let it know (english and french version as possible...).

This page of information is before a whole place of exchange for the
professionals of visual arts.  It proposes rough information, without
image, calendar, archives and authorizes the syndication of its contents
in order to integrate it in any other site.

Xavier Cahen

To receive information by mail:

You can be registered and receive by mail each Monday and thursday, 
the letter pourinfos with the whole of its topicality.

To place information of pourinfos on a page of your site:

You also can, if you wish it, by specifying it to us (thank you), to 
create your own page, on your site, by directly integrating the 
sources of this page of information (rss or javascript).

You will find the instructions at this address:  > To integrate the 
wire of information

Example of syndication :  > To take part in the network

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