[artinfo] Istanbul Biennial + Accreditations

Ustungel Inanc uinanc at iksv.org
Thu Mar 10 12:16:21 CET 2005

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure that we present you information on the 9th 
International Istanbul Biennial that will take place between 16 September - 
30 October 2005.

For the first time the Biennial will be developed through a working 
collaboration between the director of Van Abbemuseum, Charles Esche and the 
Director of Platform Garanti CAC, Vasýf Kortun.

Esche and Kortun are working together on an exhibition structure that folds 
out of and reveals its context - the city of Istanbul. The title of this 
Biennial is "Istanbul", referring both to the real urban location and the 
imaginative charge that this city represents for the world. "Istanbul" as a 
metaphor, as a prediction, as a lived reality, and an inspiration has many 
stories to tell and the Biennial will attempt to tap directly into this 
rich history and its possibilities. (You may find detailed information 
about the concept of the 9th Istanbul Biennial at our web site at www.iksv.org)

The curators will not be using any of the monuments located in the 
historical peninsula, preferring to work in sites that have a more common 
reference to the every-day, the physical legacy of modernity and the shift 
to a consumer economy.

The press opening of the 9th Istanbul Biennial will take place on the 15th 
of September and will be followed by panel discussions, performances, 
parties and other special events during 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th.

You may find the accreditation form at our web site at 
http://www.iksv.org/bienal/english/accreditation.asp which we kindly ask 
you to fill in and send before August 1st.

If you may need further information about the Istanbul Biennial, please do 
not hesitate to get in touch with my colleague Ms. Deniz Aydin at Tel: +90 
212 334 0757 Fax: +90 212 334 0716 or e-mail: deniz.aydin at iksv.org

Sincerely yours,

Ustungel Inanç
Foreign Press Coordinator
Media Relations

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