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The new issue of the multilingual republicart web-journal is now online:


Whereas the concept of the public sphere was booming in the 1980s and 
90s, now more and more it seems to be examined critically in 
discursive and political contexts, and at the same time, as a point 
of reference for emancipatory practices, it appears to have gone out 
of fashion. In the art field a growing trend to address partial 
public spheres / communities has become evident. Here the concept of 
"art for all" that was previously understood as an emancipatory 
concept is in danger of being overrun by customer-orientation and 
audience fetishism in a neo-liberal context. The current focus 
examines the double meaning of "publicum" in a series of articles 
from the fields of political theory, art criticism and activist 


Alex Demirovic: Hegemony and the Paradox of Public and Private
Nancy Fraser: Transnationalizing the Public Sphere
Maria Galindo: No matter how much you love me, I do not want to belong to you
Marion Hamm: Indymedia - Concatenations of Physical and Virtual Spaces
Miwon Kwon: Public Art as Publicity
Oliver Marchart: Staging the Political. (Counter-)Publics and the 
Theatricality of Acting
Stefan Nowotny: Clandestine Publics
Simon Sheikh: In the Place of the Public Sphere? Or, the World in Fragments
Paolo Virno: Publicness of the Intellect. Non-State Public Sphere and 
the Multitude
Linda M. G. Zerilli: "We feel our freedom": Imagination and Judgment 
in the Thought of Hannah Arendt

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