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   Palais de Tokyo, site for the contemporary arts

   [1]The Palais de Tokyo, site for the contemporary arts is looking for
   The post is to begin in February 2006.
   Deadline for submitting applications: Monday, 29 August 2005.


   Founded in January 2002 at the initiative of France’s Ministry of
   Culture and Communication, the Palais de Tokyo, site de création
   contemporaine, is wholly dedicated to supporting and displaying the
   emerging trends in contemporary art.
   The Palais de Tokyo is a veritable laboratory for contemporary
   creativity. It is a living and growing venue and the first art
   institution in the world to remain open from noon to midnight. The
   Palais offers exhibitions and events that boast an international
   dimension whilst also taking care to promote the French art scene with
   the same enthusiasm and fervour. And as a home to emerging art, the
   Palais is present in every creative field.
   Thanks to its desire to remain in touch with what is going on now in
   the art scene and its capacity to adapt to the latest discoveries, the
   Palais de Tokyo is able to stand with artists where art is being made
   Since opening its doors, the Palais has welcomed over 740 000 visitors
   to its galleries
   The Palais de Tokyo’s current directors are Nicolas Bourriaud and
   Jérôme Sans. The “Palais de Tokyo, site de création
   contemporaine” Association is now seeking a new directorship to
   replace Mister Bourriaud and Mister Sans at the end of their term.
   This represents a renewable three-year post.
   The directorship will be called to develop the Palais’s activities
   on both the French and the international art scene whilst taking into
   consideration the work that has been done to date, the direction taken
   by the institution, and the specific project under development. The
   new directorship will also be mindful of what is being made available
   to the public culturally with respect to the resources of the building
   as a whole.
   The successful candidate is experienced in running an art institution
   or mounting large-scale artistic projects in France or abroad, and
   possesses in-depth knowledge of emerging art that will allow him or
   her to draw up and carry out a high-quality programme of artistic and
   cultural events.
   The candidate works well as part of a team and has a gift for
   supervising those working under him or her. Excellent writing and
   speaking skills are a must. The candidate will also have to manage the
   association in terms of its budget (amounting to 3.4 million * in
   2004), personnel (45 permanent employees), and technical resources
   whilst working closely with the association’s president and the
   Visual Arts Delegation, and supervising changes at the site for the
   contemporary arts as it evolves within the overall reorganization of
   the building.
   To guarantee the association’s financing, an excellent grasp of the
   various public and private financing networks and successful
   experience in fund raising are indispensable.
   The candidate speaks English fluently and has a solid mastery of
   French if he or she is not a native speaker.
   The post is to begin in February 2006.
   Deadline for submitting applications: Monday, 29 August 2005.
   Candidates must submit a complete file comprising a cover letter, a
   detailed curriculum vitae, a dossier presenting the projects they have
   completed, a proposal laying out a three-year development strategy for
   the site for the contemporary arts, and an exhibition or art project
   for 2006 that includes suggestions for sources of financing.
   A detailed profile of the position, a presentation file, and the
   post’s requirements are available upon request by email at the
   following address: recrutement at palaisdetokyo.com
   Applications should be sent to the following address (reference
   Palais de Tokyo, site de création contemporaine

   Attn: Président de l’association
   13, avenue du Président Wilson
   F-75116 Paris
   With a copy addressed to:
   Monsieur le Délégué aux arts plastiques
   Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
   3, rue de Valois
   75001 Paris



   1. 3D"http://www.palaisdetokyo.com"/
   2. 3D"http://www.palaisdetokyo.com"/

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